I may have said TOO much !

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  • wobble

    My Uber-dub sister came round to ask about some family business, in the conversation she said:

    "..........of course she will have to wait for the new system to find out that we (JW's) were right"

    She was referring to someone recently passed away who believed in a conventional Christian afterlife in heaven.

    I asked "Do you still believe in the new system then ?" which started the ball rolling .

    The problem is my sister has always been bloody annoying, everybody, even her own children say "she just has to be right"

    So the conversation ran the gamut of Rutherford, and to a degree Russell, inventing the paradise earth idea and it not being in scripture,to the fact that I did not believe Noah was a literal person etc etc.

    Oh boy, she will go back to her Uber-Elder husband and report our conversation, so I may get some flack. I told her too, that she only believes what she is told to believe, that the Watchtower will publish a new understanding of the generation , for the sixth time, and she will believe it.

    I left her with the good old "The truth will stand up to any scrutiny, do not be afraid to examine what you believe"

    She wont though, she has nearly seventy years invested in that silly cult, too much to let go of, she could not handle it.

    It is just that a few weeks ago I said, to my wife and non-witness family, I would no longer let it pass when dubs come out with a load of bollocks, so I could not let her smug remark about being "right" pass without comment.

    If the brown stuff hits the fan please duck my friends,like me, you have had enough of that thrown at you in the past.


  • cult classic
    cult classic

    wobble - I bet it felt good to speak your piece. Let them deal with the fallout instead of stuffing it inside. Keep us posted

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I'll bet it felt GREAT! Good for you for speaking your true opinions.

  • Leolaia

    Yes, you are guilty of thoughtcrime and she is an informer; you will be hearing from Thinkpol soon.

  • outlander

    I know what you mean. Just a couple of hours ago I tried to show my sister that the Generational belief has changed yet again and she refused to listen---again. I actually had a paper listing all the changes throughout the years and she refused to look at it or listen. Her only comment is that : She has faith in the Scriptures. I told her that if the Governing Body said that a Generation was actually 500 years long she'd believe it without question. Her reply: I'm leaving since it's clear that you will never understand!

    Thats true at least. I will never understand, and I hope that I never do!!

  • cantleave

    Well done my friend. I too am getting bolder, subtly exposing silly doctrinal changes such as the new generation. I hope I am getting some people thinking, but many like your sister, have invested too much time into the cult and will lose privileges that give them the status they don't always get elsewhere.

  • wobble

    I hold out no hope that older members of my family will see the light and leave, and that particular sister could not handle it mentally I know, but despite feeling affection for her, I am not going to let her talk her cult drivil and get away with it.

    You are right Cantleave, her and her husband would have nothing if they left, the WT is their whole life.

    There is a subtle matter of pride too, the local community looks upon them as nutters, true, but gives them a certain respect for knocking on doors and really believing their religion, if they leave they would have to humbly do what I have done and explain to people that they were wrong for all those years.

    As I said above, my sister is NEVER wrong, and her husband is a very proud man, they could never do what we have done.

    I am just wondering if the Theoplod, or as Leo calls them, the Thinkpol (very 1984) will visit soon or not.

    If I do get a call I shall use Leo's phrase and say "I am obviously guilty of a thought crime, are you the Thought Police ?"


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