On your way "out" of the WT, did you experience physical syptoms?

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  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    My sister used to throw up on the way to the meetings every time. This was mainly after I was no longer going to meetings. My parents would have to pull the car over and let my sister open the door and vomit. They never said a word and never tried to find out what the REAL problem was. My parents were SO OBLIVIOUS!!!!! It makes me so angry. Even now.

  • bversaci

    Hi Whyizit. I did some research about JW mental health all together. Here is what I found:

    A few years ago, I heard of an article in a mental health journal that documented the population percentages of Jehovah's Witnesses in mental wards. It took some effort, but I found it. Following are excerpts from that article. Judge for yourself if the Jehovah's Witness organization contributed to the demise of some of its members. The following quotes are taken from the British Journal of Psychiatry: the Journal of Mental Science. Published by authority of The Royal College of Psychiatrists, Vol. 126, Ashford, Kent, Headley Brothers LTD, 1975. The author is John Spencer.

    "During the period of 36 months from January 1971 to December 1973 there were 7,546 inpatient admissions to the West Australian Mental Health Service Psychiatric Hospitals. Of these 50 were reported to be active members of the Jehovah's Witnesses movement" (p. 557). Of the 50 admitted 22 were diagnosed as schizophrenic, 17 as paranoid schizophrenic, 10 as neurotic and one as alcoholic" (pp. 557, 558).

    Total admissions

    Annual rate per 1,000 population

    Jehovah's Witnesses admissions

    Annual rate per 1,000 population

    All diagnoses





    Schizophrenia (295)





    Paranoid schizophrenia (195.3)





    Neurosis (300)





    "From the figures gathered in the Table it is clear that members of the Jehovah's Witnesses movement are over-represented in admissions to the Mental Health Services of this State. Furthermore, it is clear from the Table that the incidence of schizophrenia amongst them is about three times as high as for the rest of the general population, while the figure for paranoid schizophrenia is nearly four times that of the general population" (p. 558). The study does not shed light on the question of symptom or defense mechanism, but suggests that either the Jehovah's Witnesses sect tends to attract an excess of pre-psychotic individuals who may then break down, or else being a Jehovah's Witness is itself a stress which may precipitate a psychosis" (p. 558).

    Hope this helps! TBAM. [email protected]

  • BabaYaga

    I experienced terrible panic attacks while still active in the Organization.

    Realizing the truth about the (T)ruth has its unease, believe me, but nothing compares with the dread of demons and the deadly onslaught of Armegeddon. Life and health is much, much better now.

  • hereiam!

    Hi there! Well, I'm still "getting through" this leaving phase, but when hard core reality hit me, thats what it did. Hit me till it knocked the wind out of me. Major panic attacts and I couldn't eat or sleep for days. But things fell on me fast, I think too fast and I have been trying to make sense of it all since. I think giving your friend things to think about is the only loving thing to do, and it doesn't sound like you're overloading her. I mean she ASKED for it. So give her some time. If she is confused she'll definatly display some confusing behavior. But if she' just playing around, I think it will become obvious if she is sinscere or not. I still get "sick" and wanna throw up from how bad it feels being betrayed. I pray for the best for you friend. But at least you are a good friend and can rise above the hypocritical behavior! Good luck!

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    FAscinating statistics, bversaci. Thanks!

  • man in black
    man in black

    stress, stress, and more stress was the major thing I experienced.

    Now that I'm out it is more of a smouldering anger at having spent so many years in the organization thinking it was the almighty truth.

  • dissed

    Stress levels, anxiety way up, causing a lack of sleep. Sometimes even the heart racing.

    Now I sleep lke a baby.

  • Finally-Free

    I was physically ill for a while when I learned the truth about the cult. It took some time but it's improved somewhat.

    Now I make it a point to keep my personal beliefs personal and prefer it if others do the same. I don't care what others believe and I don't require the endorsement of others when it comes to my beliefs. I spent the best half my adult life trying to prove the unprovable to people who didn't give a shit.

    I'm on my time now.


  • book

    My daughter and I are currently "spiritually dying" JWs.

    My daughter has been witnessing the ineptness, bigotry and hypocrisy of elders in my former congregation.

    I have marital problems which was worsened by zeal for preaching, ignoring my real and physical problems. My wife treats me lowly like a Pharisee, while she behaves decently with others. I get continually accused of opposing God, then my wife gets encouragement from elders and pioneers to spend more time away and separate from me. In bringing this up with the elders, some are helpless, some presume I'm the bad guy, and some alienate me.

    My daughter is becoming agnostic if not already. She is in fact suffering the "self-fulfilling prophesy" promoted among JWs that when you go to college and/or you are "leaving the truth" (drawing away for this case) Satan will eat you up or turn wild. My daughter is self-destructing - suffering both.

    I'm doing my best to prevent my daughter's self-destruction, while I'm suffering alternating depression & anxiety due to the prolonged religious civil war. I advised her that decency, honor and morality does not belong to JWs only. "There's honor even among thieves" so a saying goes.

    I was a ministerial servant, but I stepped-down due worsening marital problem. I thought of taking care of the real, physical and health issue spending more time and attention there, including the marital issues. What an irony! Now my faith is dragging me to my untimely death with stress and prolonged heartbreak.

    To JWs this is my shame, who in the society can help, when complains are frowned at. To the sensible world which might perish at Armageddon, what do you think?

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