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    hey guys good news my wife is showing how faithful she is today by not going to the assembly today with the kids.She don't go out in service with the kids and is irregular at the meetings screwing up my private tyme. I use to argue with my wife about taken my kids to the hall and service and she would go. Now I do the opposite and she don't go, I leave all my anti jw books and tapes around I do know she
    reads some of it. she is thanking about sending the kids to the ymca after school when there older because its cheaper. I teased her this morning about not going to the assembly to get that spiritual food and that she need to read her year book about how the brothers travel miles on foot and cross rivers to get to the bookstudy. yes im an ass because I sit back and watch tyme tell on them. I don't need to argue a cult,my kids are find and my wife goes only with pressure
    from her mother I call them the phony ones.I kept my family together and I learned to beat that cult mindset by not playing the devil they say i am.I've been da'd for two years now and is winning my family over. P.s my mother in law can't speak to me because im da'd an added privilage to my happiness. lol

  • Fredhall


    What a nice way ruining other people lives.

  • nelly136

    looks like the laid back aproach
    is working wonders for you, youve obviously
    found a way that suits you and yours,

  • ozziepost

    G'day Bernard,

    A difficult situation I can understand, but please don't cause your wife to become distant from you. She's part of your 'one flesh'.

    Lucky about the ma-in-law though!


    "It's better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

  • chester


    I am kind of in the same situation you are. We have the CO visiting this weekend and my wife is staying home from FS cutting into my private time too.

    She KNOWS this is not the truth but says she will never stop going to the meetings.

    Waiting on Jah to straighten things out ya know.


    I and my wife have become closer in fact since we stop fighting
    about the jw we do talk about the UN scandal and other topics reasonably now and she seem too slack at her own pace. She don't pray or study with the kids about jehovah the pressure she get is from her mother to continue to go regularly. So there you have It learn to add no fuel to there fire there light well soon blow out on its own. ....

    ain't that right fred

  • chester


    That is excellent advice.

  • Fredhall

    How can I be wrong Bernard?

  • teejay

    P.s my mother in law can't speak to me because im da'd an added privilage to my happiness. lol


    So there ARE advantages in beind da'd, huh!?? Too funny.

    Good job keeping your family together, dude. Screw the watchtower.


    ps. wassup, Fred?

  • garybuss

    Hi BERNARD, All,

    Maybe the next level of reality would be to confront theism. The one thing that keeps most people inside these high control religious groups is their magical thinking, i.e. *Jehovah will fix things*.

    The authority is always the target in a serious study. I started with the sacred writings, the bible. Does it contain error? If it does, it is errant. If it is errant, it is fallible. Now all proof texts are from the errant, fallible word of god. Powerless in the light of reality. (The Age Of Reason is a must read.)

    An ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA read on the history of the bible should humanize it enough to de-magic it. Then read Karen Armstrong's *A History Of God*. The magic comes from the beliefs in ghosts and goblins. That is what keeps people working for a corporation masquerading as a religion that is so layered with error that the correction of error is a central doctrine (new light).

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