You Lie I Lie

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  • dearone

    I am still presently 'active' because of family and have recently been hounded by the elder due to low hours in the ministry. I have decided though that I now feel that I can lie on my service report because FDS has set the perfect example for me to follow. Yesterday in the watchtower study they were misleading in refering to Millions now living MAY never die, and also used two scriptures to support the need to witness day and night but the scriptures were completly unrealated and taken out of context. So even though I feel that I shouldn't have to fudge the numbers on my report I am just following the leader, if they are pleasing in God's eyes then my little lie is no biggie.

  • asilentone

    good point!

  • JWoods

    Your decision, of course - but I still would not lie on the reports. Kind of a personal integrity thing -

    The day will come when you just kind of "forget" to turn it it soon enough anyway.

  • mentallyfree31

    In reality, it's hours spent knocking on doors and telling people things that aren't true. So, 5 hours per month versus 10 hours per month - it really doesn't matter. I quickly became comfortable reporting ficticious hours for a brief time. Then I went irregular, and that was a great feeling.

  • mindmelda

    I used to lie like a rug on my FS report to keep the elders off my back, and then I'd wonder how many others were doing the same...and laugh, because they're so keen on those numbers.

    Probably a bunch of hooey like the rest of it...thanks to deceitful apostate scum like me.

  • ziddina

    Hello, Dear One!

    To the board!

    Yeah, that irony has presented itself to many an active and non-active JW...

    I keep wondering whether their dishonest behavior will inspire - or has already inspired - someone in their financial deparment to abscond with some of the booty...

    I sure hope so!!!

    Zid pudgy little demon

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Again I wish I would have thought of lying about hrs. in service.

    Dearone do it, funny how we are (were) told do your best is all that matters, but that is a lie. You do your best you can't put anymore hrs in, yet they always bring you aside and say you can do more. Using the National average doesn't sound like they are concerned about your best does it?

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I wish I had lied earlier too. When we first became publishers my dad told us kids that being a publisher meant we had to get at least one hour every month. Were we ready for that? We were like hell yeah, one hour is no problem, we can do that in our sleep. But of course once you're baptized it's really like 10 hrs. Then on school vacations it should be 60 hrs and after graduation 90 hrs (during our day).

    Yeah lying would have given us more time to learn how to think

    Cult Classic

  • peaches

    been there,,,,done that

  • Sapphy

    It's not lying, it's creative accounting. They're always banging on about making use of every opportunity, so you start counting your time from when you put your service clothes on and stop the clock when you get back into your normal clothes. Rationalise that you are 'available to give a witness' and 15 mins of actual first call can easily beome 3 hrs when you add up the time taken to go to the group, chat with 'the friends', have a coffee break and go to the store on your way back.

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