I put up my pic, but....

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  • wonderwoman77

    Well all Bea helped me get my pic posted, but I am not sure if I like it. It is from this summer and I was just hanging out at the mall of america with my friend, so I have my glasses on and I could look better, but anywho...it gives you an idea what I look like. Have a good weekend everyone....

  • Billygoat

    WW - you have a fantastic smile! It lights up your entire face! It's always nice to see the faces I talk to in chat.


  • ISP

    Hey nice one wonder woman!


  • Xena

    Hey WW cool you have your pic up!!!!!!! Now didn't I tell you to get one showing the TONGUE RING??????

  • Mum

    Good for you! You do have a genuine smile.

    I don't have the courage to put up my real face on a photo because I have family still "on the inside." They probably know this is me if they lurk here, but I'm still chicken. They still speak to me and I'd like to keep it that way.

    Seize the day, and put the least possible trust in tomorrow. - Horace

    I have learned to live each day as it comes and not to borrow trouble by dreading tomorrow. - Dorothy Dix

  • flower

    nice picture! can you tell me how to do it? i had one up at one point but i cant remember what site i had linked to and now its gone.

  • wonderwoman77

    thanks all...

    Flower...sorry bea is the one that set up the link for me, maybe she can help you...

  • LB

    Well shoot WW you're a babe.

    Never Squat With Yer Spurs On

  • wonderwoman77

    why thank you LB

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    yer a cutie, keep it up

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