Naturally occuring nuclear reaction

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  • Simon

    I know we are surrounded by them (ie. stars) but I was listening to the radio yesterday and was amazed to hear that there was evidence that a nuclear reaction had occured naturally on earth at some point.

    Apparently, all the conditions that are neccessary were there - water to slow the neutrons down, a deposit of uranium for fuel and carbon to prevent a 'meltdown' happening.

    They said it was in south africa somewhere (not sure if the county or the continent). Has anyone else heard of this? It just sounds fascinating!

  • Hmmm

    Yes, there was once a naturally occuring nuclear reaction, but AlanF and YouKnow have since agreed to keep a three mile distance between them at all times.

    But seriously, if you do dig this info up, I'd be interested in hearing the conclusion. Off the top of my head, I'd say it sounds pretty unlikely. What natural penomenon could impart the energy to start the reaction?


  • outnfree


    Did this YK/AF meltdown happen on Three Mile Island by any chance?


    It's what you learn after you know it all that counts -- John Wooden

  • Prisca

    HAHAHAHA.... when I read the title of this thread I thought of the flame wars too!

  • AlanF

    I seem to recall reading something in Scientific American within the past year or so about this. You might get on their website and see what you can find.


  • ZazuWitts


    I came across info about these ancient nuclear reactions just last summer. Apparently there are six or so areas in Africa where they occured. Luddite than I am, I couldn't get my link posted - so I've sent you an e-mail to the link I found.

  • Satanus


    Yes, seriously i remember reading something about this a few years ago in some sience mag. I don't remember the details, though.

    Also, after that i read of something a lot more 'out there'. Something to the effect that at one time the whole earth, from the core outward was set up as a neuclear reactor, w uranium at the center, water cooling, lead/gold shielding etc. It was supposed to have been a self heated planet. Then something happened and all the layers got scrambled. I think the theory was that the 'gods' over mined the earths crust, unbalancing it, thus .. scramblation.

    Anyway, what you read about makes more sense.

    Thanks SS

  • Stephanus
    Cowan: A natural fission reactor. Scientific American 1976, 36-47
  • msil
  • unclebruce


    I have read about sites in India where there appear to have been nuclear explosions in historical times. Some endevour to link these places to the ancient Indian stories of wars with frightening weaponary. Apparently there are cliffs of highly radioactive, glassified rock and other evidence etc...

    My first guess would be that these site and cities were devastated by a meteor shower 'from the Gods' rather than ancient orientals tinkering with uranium isotopes and atomic detonators. I'd be interested in knowing a bit more about the 'black rock' meterorite that is 'worshipped' in Mecca and to which every moslem is meant to make a pillgrimage.

    I'll check it out and get back with what i find.

    unclebruce .. on a haj to the library.

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