New Light On Blood

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  • freeman

    In order for meat to be blood free, as the Jews and the early Christians would have understood it, one has to cut the neck of the animal and let it’s heart pump the blood out. Not hit it over the head like they do in the slaughterhouses today. Also you have to remove the veins and arteries starting at the neck working down.

    The meat must be soaked in cold water so the blood does not coagulate and then it must be salted with coarse salt to draw out any remaining blood. What I just described to you is the basic processes that Kosher meat undergoes to be considered blood free as in biblical blood free. Unless you pay considerably extra for this service, you are not getting blood free meat.

    FYI Kosher has nothing to do with being blessed by a Rabbi, that is a popular myth, meat must be prepared, as I have described above. You bet it takes a lot of skill, time, and cost extra to do this. Are the witnesses eating only meat prepared in this way, if not why not? What changed since ACTS was written? How can they say they abstain from blood? Just some food for thought <pun intended>.


  • mindfield

    Good food for thought.

    My mom and dad still insist on buying a certain kind of pepperoni. Sigh. When I try to talk to them about it, they insist it's a matter of conscience. I couldn't approach them with this argument with a meter-stick. Oh well... no pepperoni for me...

  • Earnest

    Food for thought, indeed, Freeman. And it is certainly true that many modern-day Jews require their meat to be prepared in that way.

    But nowhere do I read in the scriptures that biblical Jews or the early Christians soaked their meat in cold water or salted it with coarse salt. If that was necessary for meat to be "biblical blood free" I would have expected the Bible to say so.


  • libra_spirit

    Jesus said, "do not worry about the meat you buy in a meatmarket" did he not?
    The Jews are still worrying.

    When you shoot a deer, you may as well just gut him out. By the time you get to him his heart has stopped for sure. You cut the throat and nothing comes out anyway. All the blood is setting inside where it stopped. Most meat you buy at the store is still dripping blood, it would take extreme measures to remove it all.

  • Moxy

    they've really made a shambles of this. (clever pun intended)

  • Bang

    People who say they're christian have been playin with your heads by tellin you weird rules on how to conduct yourselves, but don't be freakin out, we didn't tell them to do it. Anyway, we decided that some of us better come and tune you about it.

    Now God has blown us away again by comin up with this. All you need to remember is four things. Idols, blood, breath and sex.
    For good spiritual development certain stuff should be refrained from.
    - from what is sacrificed to idols (stuff for masters that don't care for your spirit)
    - from blood (revenge and that type of debt, unforgiveness, requiring forgiveness, hogging blood etc, blood is precious)
    - from what's strangled (avoid ways and things havin the Spirit squeezed out)
    - from unchastity (from preoccupyin yourself with sex, manipulating people, and makin off with your own soul)

    When you do these things you'll be carvin.

    The idea of becoming like who you eat is as ancient as man and it's this type of 'eating' that's expressed in biblical writings. The WT society need to understand the meanings of the culinary observances of Moses (and before), spiritual writings that have 'by no means passed away'. The WT society don't spiritually discern eating 'blood' because they don't eat the four legged animals with 'divided hoofs'.


  • kpax

    They all rape the bible, who is bullshit anyway!

  • Bang


    I'm assuming your bible study was with the WT society, so now your so angry that you hate the bible ?


  • ISP

    Always a good point. The WTS says God is sooo concerned about blood that you must die rather than take it. BUT at the same time its fine to eat quantities of animal blood with food. BTW JWs are not under the mosaic law so far as blood is concerned. The are under the prohibition to 'Abstain from blood'.


  • Thirdson

    JWs eat blood in copious amounts, ever look at what comes out of ground beef? JWs can take huge amounts fractionalized blood (kosher?) donated in even larger amounts amounts.

    The whole blood thing would be a joke if it wasn't such a serious subject.


    That was the best pun I have groaned at all day to day.


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