The JW's should start using Gods name

by libra_spirit 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • evangelist

    Somebody told me that a monk gave this mis print named Jehovah and the JHW just pick it up, the God`s real name is not Jehovah , and this is explained on this web site check it out and let me know somebody if this is a true fact please.

    thank you.

  • heathen

    The dub I studied with told me that the WT takes the stand that the tetragramaton could only be traslated to mean jehovah. The name jehovah was translated that way before the WT existed. I think it was Nathan Hale who was recorded in history as using the name . They believe that God does not take offense to their attempts to translate because they think they do it out of appreciation and respect. Most strange how a God who wants people to call him by name to be saved has not made it 100% clear what the name really is.

  • OrbitingTheSun

    Good Point, Heathen!

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