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  • middleman
    Many of you are already familiar with the Watchtower's 10 year association with the UN. There's also a good amount of us that are familiar with the "flagship" rebuttal site of this association---> Time and time again I have been referred to this website when talking to JW's about this issue. Well, I've finally had enough and decided to make a blog exposing his lies, half truths, and logical fallacies etc per chapter. So far I've only addressed one chapter but I'll be adding much more in the near future. Stay tuned for updates. To view my blog click here--->

    Comments, critiques, and corrections are welcome! Spread the word!
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  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Awesome. That dude defending the WT used Dub reasoning that only Dubs believe. He comes off as a complete tool. Way to take him down a peg.

  • Bangalore

    Agreed. Very cool.


  • Heartofaboy

    This is excellent research middleman.

    Just one suggestion, white on black is hard to read (for me anyway), brown on black is near impossible.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    way good! i will enjoy reading through the blog.


  • Kum Vulcan
    Kum Vulcan

    Sorry guys, logical fallacies and logic in general is usually studied or touched upon in higher education - a field JWs are strongly encouraged to get into :-)... Thus the murder this clown gets away with.

    As someone fascinated with logical fallacies and propaganda techniques, I have a great appreciation for your efforts middleman. Will be checking often for new posts.


  • donuthole

    Good & concise information thus far.

    The secrecy about this relationship is still in place. When I was a Witness and raised questions about this an elder wrote to the Society on my behalf. He was determined that we "hear from Jehovah" on the matter. When the written response came back from the Society, I understand it was with caveat that their letter reply not be shown to me, read to me, or even directly quoted from. They only could relate the gist of it.

    I wonder if this has been anybody else's experience.

  • middleman

    "This is excellent research middleman.

    Just one suggestion, white on black is hard to read (for me anyway), brown on black is near impossible."


    Cool thank you for your honesty. I'm going to try some different layouts and see what works better. In the future I would like to make a website with my own designs etc but for now I'm using the very limited Blogger site. Blessings...

  • middleman


    I think I found a format/layout that's better. Tell me what you think.


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