International Conventions = $$$$. WTBT$ in bed with South Korean government

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  • Mattieu

    I remember the whole process of selecting a host city for Australia’s last International convention. The Australian Bethel played the NSW government against the Victorian. It was so similar to choosing an Olympic city and the big boys from bethel knew how to play the game. Each city wined n dined and showed off their facilities to the bethel delegates and both offered cash rebates based upon delegate revenue estimates from hotel bookings and visitor spending dollars.

    (Keep in mind hosting conventions/expos is big business down under for the hospitality industry)

    The end result was that Sydney won with an offer too good to refuse. Homebush stadium was offered for next to nothing, the NSW government offered a certain amount of free hotel rooms and airfares from New York for free, as well as a big fat cash rebate.

    In return the society offered to run a 6 page tourism advertisement for Sydney, check it out in the 1999 Awake July 8 pages 14-19.

    The article has nothing to do with extolling Jehovah’s virtues or of his hope for a future, but is rather a blatant tourism advertisement, it even ended with the most known Australian Tourism commercial when Paul Hogan said “ we might even put another shrimp on the barbecue for you!”

    I couldn’t believe back then the blatant commercial aspect of that convention and of how the wtbt$ were not keeping separate from the world but rather using it to the full, though its followers are instructed to keep separate.

    Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more blatant...........

    South Korea hosted an International convention last year, same deals done between the bethel boys and South Korean government. This time however, all delegates and attendees were offered handy travel bags with tourist maps of Seoul, handy travel tips, local phrase books and things to do and see whilst in Korea.

    Nothing really wrong with that except that all the merchandise was stamped with the South Korean Travel Bureau logo and the WTBT$ logo. The South Koreans actually paid the Korean bethel to print all of the tourism merchandise with the government and societies logos.

    How is that keeping separate? These large International conventions are a facade for making big $. The costs of hosting these events are never fully explained to those attending, just the regular announcements to make voluntary contributions. The amount of free hotel rooms and airfares offered or the financial rebates offered by the hosting city are never made available to the rank and file. And these free hotel rooms are often on sold for a price to “approved” delegates from overseas.

    Go back in the old w/t and awakes and see how many host cities/countries had tourism articles published only to host an international convention in the next 6-12 months.

    And they accuse Christendom of riding the commercial system like a harlot.....

  • dissed

    WT Conventions and Circuit Assemblies = Big money for the WTS

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Mattieu, how do you know all this?

  • Mattieu

    Hi BP, without going into too many details (have not fully outed myself yet), my background is in hospitality management, I used to have to deal with government departments/tour operators/movie & music promoters...

    Anywhoo, I was sounded out for some advice in the slection city process, that person kept me updated on the progress, not because he had too, he just had a big mouth and liked to bignote himself. Then about 6 months after the convention, a city overseer couldnt help but brag as to his "free accomodation" at the hotel nect to the convention location in Homebush, it seems a few "prominent" ones were given room deals that they could not say no to.


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Thanks Mattieu, I don’t want you to out yourself unnecessarily. I’m assuming you’re also an Aussie which is nice to see on this board.

    I am interested in this subject because I have traveled overseas to 2 intl conventions and it enver dawned on me that they would be a money-making project for the WTS. How naïve I was.

  • finallysomepride

    I don't want to offend anyone but my immediate thoughts are - what a bunch of pricks, sorry if i offended anyone.

    they tell us not todo this and not to do that then turn around and are no less a part of the world than any other organisation

  • ldrnomo

    My wife and I went to an international in 96 (Tallin, Estonia)/(Warsaw, Poland)

    We purchased the travel package from the societies travel agency, I remember at the time thinking it was a little on the expensive side UHM maybe someone was taking a little off the top.

    I remember on one tour in Tallin our tour bus got to the same place Dan Sidlick's tour bus was. Many of the monkeys circled around him to no doubt hear some encouraging words. I remember exactly what he said, "welcome to Tallin! Spend your money!" That big voice of his, and he was a big man. I remember thinking at the time "I'll bet he thinks he's a bigshot"


  • Mattieu

    Hi BP, yeah you assumed correct an Aussie, living in Melbourne! And you?

    BP & ldrnomo - I have been over the costing of overseas conventions arranged through the wtbt$ travel department and they were always over the top price wise.

    As an exercise, I used to put together a flight/accommodation/transfers/sightseeing/meals package using similar rated lodgings. I used pricing available to the average traveller, no inside hot deals.

    I always came up hundreds of dollars cheaper than the wbt$ travel department.

    Now keep in mind that the society gets a huge discount as they are purchasing on behalf of at least 1000 overseas delegates. That makes them eligible for a huge bulk discount on hotel rooms and airfares and ground content. I remember the last South African international where all the Australian delegates from different states met in Singapore for the flight to SA. The society had filled every seat on that plane with JDubs (who sat in 1 st class)....

    Yes, a lot of the free rooms and air travel were given to the Brooklyn heavies, but there is still a huge amount of $$ that goes back into the societies deep pockets.

    It simply is big business, the revenue of which we will never see in an accounts report.......

  • Scott77

    Wow, this is very revealing. Thank you very much for the inside updates. Now,I can say with certainity how shrewd the society heavies are in conducting themselves the way they do. They have completely brainwashed the dubs to a level that the dubs cannot make independent decisions regarding international Convection arrangements. Those that plan on their own are ostracised as being headstrong, risk being branded appostates or being marked out.


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    Thanks for sharing.

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