Did Jonah knew more than Jehovah? smart man!

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  • jhine

    Yay just tried it and it works . Even if the link doesn't help you I am feeling very happy


  • prologos

    jhine thank you for the link and congrats that you can now manage that!. The gist of the 4 jewish interpretations is that it is a story, to teach a lesson, it has the caveat, that it just that a story. wt teaches that this really happened, fish and worm appointments 4 days without Oxygen, bathing in acid, defying death, (and then jesus saying he would do that too). The divinity using you as a fool, and then blaming you, as the only victim!

    A very interest concept in that link: "-- to foretell punishment to make it unnecessary --!" pronouncing it's coming with certainty, leaving out even a hint of the possibility of change, which is not really triggering repentance, but a normal reaction to fear.

    to paraphrase A. Einstein: " The Lord does not play dice", or play with the lives of prophets, but wt does. Similarly the nations have not avoided a nuclear war out of repentance at reading Rev 11:18, but of MAD.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I always wondered how Jonah got rid of that fishy smell.

    What is that smell? Oh hell that's Jonah.

    He said he is a prophet, but his massage smell fishy

  • jhine

    you are welcome , I have some idea as to the standard of WT teaching and mostly it seems to be of a VERY basic level more suited to young children . I can say that here because you guys have realised that all is not well in Watchtowerland ( a bit like Disneyland but more sinister ) . It all seems geared to just promote loyalty to the org.

    I often go to Jewish commentary to help understand the OT . It makes sense .


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