Homosexuality and Bethel

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  • waiting

    Dear Joel,

    I didn't *blast* you for wanting to be a celibate Jehovah's Witness homosexual. I said that I didn't think that you're loving & living with another homosexual male - indeed, having much prior sex with him until you decided to become celibate - and stating that you would continue loving and living with the same homosexual male with no display of love or sex for the rest of both of your lives - would be a hard swallow for most elders.

    A woman would not be allowed to continue to live with her common-law husband - even if she refused to have sex with him. Why would it be any different for you?

    Being charmed by you doesn't enter into the picture, imho. Reality of the situation does.


  • JWinSF

    Hi Joel,

    Nice to see a posting from you. I'm in a bit of a fog here. I know that you want to go back to the JWs and have thought it out. So, there's nothing for me to add there. However, did I understand correctly from the prior post by "waiting" that you're going to still be living with a gay man although pledge to be celibate?

    If I'm incorrect, no problem, my mistaken understanding. However, if you are in fact going to live with another known gay man, please do keep in mind that according to the Elders manual, they won't allow that. It is a judicial committee matter. They specifically state that in the Elders Manual "Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock", unit 5B, page 111:

    "What kind of evidence is acceptable?
    Strong circumstantial evidence, such as pregnancy or evi-
    dence (testified to by at least two witnesses) that the
    accused stayed all night in the same house with a person of
    the opposite sex (or in the same house with a known
    homosexual ) under improper circumstances, is acceptable. "

    Just providing this FYI.


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