Recording and Submitting Time Slips

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  • Defender

    Submitting monthly time records is one of those requirements that I had always wondered about. I mean how much hours and RVs did Paul submit and how many magazines and subscriptions did Peter record.

    I always had difficulty achieving the national average, although I used to go frequently out in service. I just could not bring myself to count the time driving to the service arrangements, driving around looking for houses, and driving off publishers afterwards.
    This kept me from being appointed an MS from some time. These were the innocent days. Afterwards, it became easy when I learned of how other publishers counted their time.

    There is no scriptural backing for this requirement, yet the Society places heavy emphasis on it to the extent that a publisher’s reputation and spiritual blessings are at stake. If a publisher does not submit his time for six months in a row, then he is considered inactive. An inactive publisher will no longer be counted among the faithful active JWs and thus stands the chance of being disqualified from receiving eternal life.

    This is what happens when a man-made organization attempts to intercept the gracious blessings bestowed by the Father through Jesus Christ upon those that have faith. In effect, this simple time keeping and submitting requirement is in fact a form of highway robbery. When Christ said come to me, and I am the way etc…this man-made organization jumps those that are approaching Him, saying that they are His representatives and sole agents, and demands extortion payments in the form of donated moneys and resources, servitude and keeping of records.

    The Society uses the donated money and resources to expand their operation. They use the free servitude in order to push their literature and publications and then keep tally of these activities that amount in billions of hours in order to impress those that are serving them and lure more hapless victims. According to the Society, the ever increasing number of hours spent each year is an indication of Jehovah’s blessings.

    Yet, if one asks a simple question and that is, of all these billions of hours, how many were actually spent in visiting a single elderly sister when she fell sick. The answer is a big zero. Because visiting a baptized sister is not to be counted. But driving around knocking on empty houses is definitely worth recording and that shows Jehovah’s blessings.

    It is interesting to note that the scriptures do in fact point to keeping of records as part of the salvation process. It is recorded in Malachi 3:16 “At that time those in fear of Jehovah spoke with one another, each one with his companion, and Jehovah kept paying attention and listening. And a book of remembrance began to be written up before him…”

    Yes, it is Jehovah God, though his Son Jesus that writes and keeps the records. They know who is really serving and they know who is goofing off.

    So, no worry then as to count what time one starts in service and what time one returns home, subtracting the 15 minutes spent at Mcdonalds for coffee. Unless, Of course, one pushes a magazine at the freckled teenager working behind the counter, then they can record all time spent.

  • Valis

    I had a Statistics porfessor who once told me "it was all bullshit" as he could make the numbers mean anything he wanted. The WTS uses figures and stats to validate the "society" and all of it's actions.
    It really shouldn't mean much who know it for what it is...another form appearing as a document of light....

  • TR

    Speaking of time slips, has the WTS ever prepared an outline for a talk about HONESTLY reporting time in FS? I don't ever remember a talk given on how time is to be counted and doing it honestly.


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  • JWD

    The time counting has to do with CONTROL. Namely, schedule control.
    If we were to count the number of houses visited, or the number of
    meaningful conversations, people would try to get things done quickly
    and then get on to other important things. Counting TIME, however,
    doesn`t allow you to hurry things up. Thus, the tendancy is rather
    to make things drag out. (i.e.walk more slowly). No company which
    was paying wages would ever make time the factor to be counted.
    Since the WTS isn`t paying anything effectiveness is a non-issue.
    The longer they can keep bros. out walking the pavement and knocking
    on doors, the less time they will spend in other activities, such as
    say.... logging on to this web site!!
    You may have read that when Ray Franz was on the GB the idea was
    raised of eliminating the time cards. It was voted down,however,the
    reason being less time out knocking doors means less magazines
    passed out, which means less money coming in and less reason to
    build new printing facilities which means less proof that the org.
    is definitely being blessed by Jehovah.

  • LB

    TR I'm sure they've never prepared an outline for honesty in reporting. But I've listend to a couple of local needs talks that dealt with that. Seems like donut shop time wasn't to be counted, unless a witness was given in the shop. Sooo, if you left a brochure behind we figured that was good enough.

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  • badwillie

    When my sister was on her way out of the org, the last 2 months that she actually reported time she wrote ridiculous numbers like 170 hours. The service overseer stopped by her house to tell her she made a mistake in filling out the slip, and she said "no, it's no mistake that's how many hours I did". He ended up having to take her at her word and that's the number of hours he submitted. I bet he felt stupid when the following month and every month after that she was "inactive"...I wonder how he explained that to the Regional Sales Manager (oops..I mean Circuit Overseer)!

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