Are you a "Survivor?"

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  • Princess

    OK, I admit it. I am a Survivor fan. My husband is completely disgusted by the show but I'm hooked. Haven't missed an episode and warned him that Thursday evening I'm settling in for a three hour finale. He groaned and I'm sure will be leaving for the evening.

    Anyway, I was just reading yoyomama's pathetic request for the disfellowshipped to jump up and say "aye!" and I had a thought. I know, I know, rare thing and here it is:

    The Borg is like Survivor. All these pathetic people living in a dangerous area, competing to be the best, trying to win immunity and ultimately falling short and being booted. I suppose Jeff Probst would be the GB or whatever they call themselves now (the ones who make the rules) and the rest are the pubs who every three days sit on a committee and get to df someone.

    Just a thought. I prefer the show but would love to see an all dub survivor in some horrible location like Las Vegas? Could be entertaining.


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  • wonderwoman77

    YEA!!! Another survivor fan. I love the show. I have been watching since the first one. During survivor one I only missed one episode and I have not missed any in two or three. I own the first two survivors tapes. Each one is 2 1/2 hours of survivor outtakes. It is great. I watched them back to back...5 hours of survivor. Did you know there is a board game and a computer game. I do not have them, but want them. Ok...take care. Enjoy tomorrow night...I will :)

  • LB

    I'd love to be on survivor. I can be the old grouch. Loveable and yet not quite nice. Not quite as horny as Tom the goat farmer though.

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  • TweetieBird

    I'm a Survivor addict. I go in my room and threaten the kids with their life if they bother me. Can't wait for the finale tomorrow night.

    I'm rooting for Ethan and not just because he is cute. He just seems like a really nice guy with a nice um, as Englishman would say, arse.

    So who do you want to win?

    Ethan (he's got my vote)
    Big Tom

    Cast your votes!

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