Ministers in Skirts an anadotal reply to AC

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    "I think that those "EVIL" "WASPs" have built the greatest country to ever exist."

    Yeah, all those WASP's working on railroads, and in restauraunts, and in poorly-paid factory jobs whilst the Blacks, Irish, Polish, Scandanavian, other non-Anglo Protestants, Roman Catholics and the Latino's sat around in highly paid jobs benefitting from the sweat of the WASP's...

    ... oh, no, sorry, it was the WASP's tending to sit around in highly paid jobs, whilst the Roman Catholics, Blacks, Irish, Polish, Scandanvians, other non-Anglo Protestants, and the Latinos did the hard poorly paid jobs...

    The WASP's built America? Like, YEAH. Learn your countries history!!!

    Clash; You are a twister of facts aren't you?

    IW said;

    The Bible has for centuries been used by fundamentalists to lend Godly support for the persecution of the Jews, the continued enslavement of Blacks in the Southern USA, and the putting down of women.
    You said;

    Has the Orthodox Presbyerian Church or the Presbyterian Church of America or Westminster Seminary or Reformed Theological Seminary done anything to "thwarted the advancement of social issues regarding Jews, Blacks, and women." that you can document or are you just going to make slanderious claims against us christians with no case at hand .
    You are now distorting the (very supportable, and let's not even go near Divine Mandate) assertion she made by adding the specific names of organisations, but making it appear as if she launched a specific attack on those organisations when she did not.

    You are the slanderer!! You know the word for that? Devil!

    By their fruits you will know them...

    People living in glass paradigms shouldn't throw stones...

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