Errors in the Creation book

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  • Francois

    I have never understood how come evolution could not be reasonably regarded as a technique of diety?

    Or is it necessary to believe either 1) God plunked his magic twanger and POOF! - the universe popped into being, or 2) Lightning flashed in the primordial soup and BANG, DNA (or something) popped into being on a planet that popped into being ten billion years after the singularity exploded in the big bang (leaving out the part about where the singularity came from - I ain't tellin').

    I DO know this: every time religion has taken on science, religion has limped off the field with its tail between its legs. Think of it. EVERY TIME! It will over evolution, too.



  • rhett

    Ah the Creation book. One of, if not the worst of all scientific attempts by JW's.
    Yes, there are loads and loads of misquotations in this book. Some have already been quoted here and others have been linked to so I won't get into that.
    I do remember that one of the big books quoted by an "expert" was The Neck of Giraffes. I can't remember who wrote it but I do remember seeing some of this guy's other works. Not exactly a biology expert. More like a water witching expert among other things that a nice little JW could get disfellowshipped for. In all honesty, I'm amazed that they used any of this guy's work. This is like quoting the Pope to say how great Jesus is.
    I'm with you on the transitional fossils issue. Actually, the more fossils you find and the more complete record you get the greater lack of transitional fossils there will be. Hey, if you only have steps 1 and 10 then there is only 1 hole in the record. If you have steps 1, 4, 5, 8, and 10 then you don't have 5 transitions.
    Also, JW's and most creationists in general always bug me by talking about how impossible it would be to get our cells by chance. While true, it evolution is somewhat governed by chance its not like our modern cells came about in their current state. In various meteorites all the amino acids (plus a few extra) that are found in life have been found and recently sugars that also make up life have been found in meteorites. Take the basic building blocks from material that was more readily available back then and add a nice mixing and it really wouldn't be that hard for life to come up in a very very basic yet functioning way.

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  • freeman


    I spent several months in my local library looking up all the material quoted in the creation book. I was trying to prove the critics of this book were lying or somehow in error. And after all my efforts trying to defend the WTBTS, it was the lies and deceptions that I found in this book that that made me finally realize what a sham the WTBTS truly is. This is the book that did it for me.

    Just my two cents


  • JanH

    I wrote a text outlining a number of the misquotations and deceptions in this book many years ago. It's on the WT observer, at

    - Jan
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