'Time' not a constant in the Universe!

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  • Outaservice

    When I was a good old JW, going out in service, counting my time, I noticed something strange.

    I could drive to one side of the county, make a back-call, and then drive clear through town as slow as I could and then out of town to the other side of the county to make another back-call. The total time it took to do this was about 6 minutes!

    If I was not out in service and was trying to rush, say to a movie, it took at least 45 minutes to get through town alone! What causes this phenomenon?

    Outaservice, (who would rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy!)

  • Fredhall


    I think you been out in the sun for a long time.

  • sleepy

    I noticed this at meetings too.

    If theres something I like doing like going out to the pub the night flies by.

    If I went to the meeting time stood still, I think this should be called the Joshua effect.

  • BluesBrother

    yes, the longest hour of the week was the one on Saturday morning!
    God! what a waste of time...

  • tyydyy

    Intersting discussion!

    Now that you mention it I remember evidence that time was not constant. At assemblies (and conventions) I remember there was nothing I could do that made time speed up unless you actually left the premises. Once you left the property time seemed to go back to normal speed. When you came back, it crawled. Sleep didn't even help. You could fall asleep for thirty minutes and it was like time slowed even more because you tried to cheat it. There were some tricks I used to "cheat" the joshua effect. Such as: Holding my breath and timing it. I could eventually get up to 1 1/2 minutes and by that time the meeting would probably be over. When I had a baby I would take her outside and listen to music in the car or drive to the corner store for a snack. I must tell you taking the baby out was the absolute best way to counteract the Joshua effect.


  • Erich


    I'd recommand you to study my page:


    There you could get useful scientific infos about your question.
    Perceiving of TIME is a receptorical (sensorical) epiphenomen, that becomes generated through complex comparing- and analyzing-processes in the synapses. You can sense TIME relatively slow running when MANY receptors are involved in the recognition process (e.g. a traumatic event, e.g. a stunt..); or you can sense TIME relatively fast running when few receptors are involved (e.g. sitting around, day dreaming etc.)

  • belbab


    Whatz that you say, Outaservice been outta the fun too long?

  • Fredhall


    Do you have something else better to do besides thinking about me all the time?

  • ISP

    Time has never been constant for the WTS. 'Soon' can mean anything between 100 and 2000 years!


  • sleepy

    I think we witneeses have been invloved in a new phenomonon previously unknown to man.
    The sheer insanity of the meetings and feilservice caused our brains to flip into some kind of alternative reality.
    Once while attending a meeting I could swear time actually went backward, actually about 100 years to victorian times, and to them that was the future.

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