Is cyber sex cheating?

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  • AMarie


    I guess you have to ask yourself how you would feel if your boyfriend was having cybersex with another woman? Would it bother you? And as mentioned above, it all depends if both of your significant others are OK with it.


  • thedoc9

    I agree with the statements above. Both you and your OTHER have to be ok with it. Also I think it would be cheating if you had guilt or worry over it because you must think there is a problem with it.. But I'm new to all this.

  • wonderwoman77

    Ummmm...well this is a big topic. I know people who have ended marriages because one of them was engaging in cybersex... Some people say cybersex is like interactive porn, but I think it is more, because it takes effort on both peoples part to participate. It also depends on if it is just cybersex or if there emotions involved. The more emotions involved, the more it is cheating...

  • tyydyy

    Each relationship defines sex in their own way and that is the way it should be. Don't let anyone else tell you what is or isn't acceptable for your relationship. You can and should talk to others and find out what works for them or what they think but you and your lover/lovers should decide what boundries you want in your relationships. There is nothing that says that those boundries could not change in the future. This question though should be worked out by a discussion with your partner though. Since you probably just came out of a religion that taught no tolerance when it comes to sexual and relationship matters I really think you and your partner should get some different viewpoints on the subject and decide for yourselves what type of relationship you want or can handle.

    Just my 3 cents.


  • DazedAndConfused

    Sky, of course I have my own opinion on this but I thought it would be better to give you a link so you can look up sites on this yourself.

    This link will give you over 400 links to sites dealing with this:


  • BobsGirl

    To be honest ... cybersex never did anything for me .... It was kinda like looking at a porn mag or something ... no substance .....

    Phone sex ... now that could be cool ......

    I don't think I would view it as cheating ..... unless of course my husband did it


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  • ISP

    Cyber sex? Is what? I am not sure it is anything! But I am a cyber virgin!


  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    i agree with all who say it depends on what you and your partner decide together.
    what i want to know is why you'd be cybering if you've got the real deal??! *shrug*

  • outonalimb

    only if it turns into love.......

  • larc

    Hi Guys,

    Any man that thinks that cyber sex is not cheating, is dumber than cat shit. Your woman doesn't like it when you look at another woman in public, let alone talking dirty on the internet with some horny bitch. Do you guys have any sense whatsoever? If you lust after some chick, keep your stupid mouth shut. Jesus Christ! I have not seen this much stupidity expressed in a long time. Shut your mouths and think your own thoughts, and that includes you Simon. Don't ever mention the model chick ever again.

    Not to mention that some cyber sex has lead to real sex and messed up some real lives.

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