What does GOD want from his human creatures?

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    According to Anthony Morris the third Jehovah don't want people wearing tight pants, it disgust him or at least that's the way Anthony's Jehovah feels about it so to turn a negative into a positive Jehovah wants every living human being wearing loose fitting clothes according to the book of saint Anthony Morris the 3rd.

    Jehovah wants everyone to get good and rested on Saturdays to cross Jehovah on this could cost you your life according to Moses so Moses Jehovah wants everyone good and rested come Sunday. Also giving a tenth of what one grows to the priest hoods was a big one on Jehovah's to do list for humans and god loves a cheerful giver let us not forget.

  • Fernando

    LOL Brokeback Watchtower.

    No chapter and verse? It's a short book then?

  • Fisherman

    In the law of Moses was there anything that told individuals to have their own relationship with GOD?

    Prayer, Communion sacrifices, spiritual need, all required a personal relationship with God. Also, ancient Israel did not view the world in terms of cause and effect as modern day people do. They believed that the weather for their crops , health, disease, prosperity and everything in a person's life resulted (God's blessing) from personal conduct.

    They had a lot of personal problems back then too. The only option they had back then was to personally cry to God for help and that required a personal relationship with him.

    You have never asked God for help?

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