My Disassociation Letter - Should I post it ?

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  • Latte


    No, I don’t think I have ever heard a DA letter having been read out, just a ‘special’ announcement by the PO. this of course will no doubt to endorse the ‘shunning’ etc. which follows.

    I know how I felt each time any DF/DA announcement was made, puzzled, shocked, and a little discouraged too.

    Your letter is really nice….too nice to be disregarded as many on the board have said will happen. I know for sure that the R & F are told not to listen to any ‘contrary talk’ and it would seem that elders are instructed to not even ‘go there!’. They probably read the jist of the letter….then duly file it away…disregarded, basically ‘trashed’. There again, I’m sure that there must be some ‘naughty, thinking elders’ that WILL read (LOL!)

    It’s a difficult one, a question I personally ponder also. I would like them to DF me for some ‘technical error’ and then I would feel free to say whatever I want to any JW I should meet…..and believe me I would.

    Just my thoughts


  • Room 215
    Room 215


    Thanks for sharing. I know the sentiments of those here who contrtibute to the board are about evenly divided between those who opt for the ``Taking Arms Against a Sea of Trouble" by DAing or provoking a confrontation that results in a DF, and those who opt to fade away so as to retain family ties and the possibility to influence others to think.

    Whatever works for you. To the observation that the letter is long, I have one suggestion: make the Guardian article an attachment rather than incorporate it into the body of your letter. In fact, if you could print out a copy of the original, with the Guardian loga and all, it's likely to make a more powerful impression.

    Whatever you do, God Bless.

  • Hmmm
    It’s with a heavy heart that I choose to disassociate from people such as yourself XXXX, that I have the greatest of respect for. I do not and never would seek to weaken your faith or to work against you.

    Overall, very nice. I'm still vacillating between continuing my fade (it becomes more difficult all the time) and going out in a blaze of glory.

    However, if you've decided to get this closure, the only paragraph I'd change would be the one above. You are not choosing to disassociate from people that you love and/or respect. You are choosing to disassociate from an organization that protects abusers and compromises itself in ways that it would never allow from its members. If all contact is cut off between you and individuals within the organization that is their choice, not yours.

    Best wishes,

  • borgfree

    Hi alliwannadoislive,

    I like your letter. When I da'ed myself I was not interested in following WT rules or acknowledging any authority of the WT, I wanted to totally separate myself from an organization that I had come to realize was false, destructive, deceptive, power hungry, hateful, etc.

    I left behind in the WT almost all of my family and whatever friends I had in the WT. Family included four daughters, one son, five grandchildren, three sisters, their children and grandchildren and more.

    I thought that if I stayed in the organization my family may never have reason to doubt the teachings of the cult. By leaving I hoped to try to get through to them with facts. It is extremely slow but after about nine years my son questioned the WT and researched it, then left. I am encouraged by some other happenings in my family (I will not mention because of JWs reading this) I look forward to the day when EVERY one of my family is out of that destructive cult. I really believe it will happen.

    My sons letter contained a warning to the WT that if they made attempts to smear his name he might bring legal action against them.

    Just my thoughts.


    "Without knowledge there can be no genuine faith--only superstition on the one hand or speculation on the other" Robert Banks
  • alliwannadoislive

    hey y'all - thank you so much for your comments and words of support

    Thi - i'm sorry you regretted DAing :( ... all the UN stuff is in a smaller font and indented in the actual letter - all my formatting was lost when i posted it

    Will - the Galileo quote was from someones signature here

    RipVan - the UN stuff was quoted directly from the guardian website - sorry it's not too clear on here - but see above comment to thi

    Lionel - my objectives include not feeling i have to keep hiding or making excuses - i really just want to carry on my life with regular everyday folk

    Latte - haven't posted it yet - wanna join me ? ;)

    Room215 - nice idea about the appendix - i'll do just that ...

    Hmm - good points - you're right, i'm not choosing to disassociate with these people - where's that tippex ? ...

    Borgfree - that is such good news about your son - best wishes to you in gaining the rest of your family !

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