Evidence that the WTS Claims to be Inspired

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    How you like this yoyo.
    It answers a question with a question because there is no answer to Lionels question.Thats rich.Who you think you is yoyo. Christ?
    Makes me realize, maybe HE couldnt answer either.
    GREAT question Lionel!

    On behalf of my fellow slaves on the GB allow me to answer...
    hold on a moment, phone...sorry,ah, theres an emergency here, I'll certainly look into your question and answer it next time , will you be home next week?...

  • detective

    which scriptures were these apostles studying? Would that be the old testament? Certainly it isn't the bible in the form we see it today- so what scriptures were they studying?

  • Belligerent Paladin
    Belligerent Paladin

    "siegswife: wrong, at the time that decision was taken, the elders in Jerusalem were not inspired, if they were inspired it wouldn't have been necessary to deliberate on the issue. The point is they had the authority give to them by Jehovah to make a decition after a careful study of the scriptures."

    (Hmmm . .. Are you saying that the if a group has to deliberate on a matter then they are not being guided by the Holy Spirit? I'm glad the Governing Body never has to deliberate on a matter. That shows me I have the Truth!)

    A few questions about Acts 15:29 and the surrounding scriptures:

    Was the command to "abstain . . . from blood" a new and revised command -or was it restating the Mosaic Law prohibitions on eating blood?

    Was it an actual command, or was it for the benefit for good relations with the Christians and newly converted Jews?

    If we are to "abstain . . . from blood" are we also to abstain from foods sacrificed to idols? If so, how is 1Corinthians chapter 8 reconciled?

    The Belligerent Paladin

  • Lionel_P_Hartley


    You might be interested in http://www.jwbloodreview.org


  • Lionel_P_Hartley

    Q What single doctrine are JWs most well known for "in the world?"

    A The Blood Doctrine

    Q What happens when you ask a JW to explain that doctrine, i.e., make a defense for the truth that is in his or her heart?

    A Obfuscation, mumbling and accusations that the questioner is a God hating apostate. Oh yes, and the claim that "we speak for God."

    How ironic that those who would speak for God have nada to say.

    YoYoMama, I answered yr question now answer mine (see above).

  • siegswife

    Yo...one more thing before you answer the question (if you do). There is a school of thought that the gentiles are, in fact, "the other sheep not of this fold". Pretty interesting, huh?

  • Lionel_P_Hartley


    Don't you know that the GB is God's sole channel of communication between mand and God? So don't bring yr apostate theories here! What, how do we know that? Well, it's in the Bible - lemme show you the scripture but first answer me this "How many grains of sand are on the seashore?" I want an accurate answer.

    LPH, a fighter for God the GB

  • Shane

    So many people have this compulsion to be guided by others like puppets, the Witness's are not alone in this peculiar action, Jones town was an example that comes to my mind, there are many others, too many others it makes me sick.
    They use their media magazines books ex-to do this gleaning of peoples minds with lies.
    I am sure there is a God, and he sea's the Witness's for what they are blinded for the most part, and the leaders oh my I would hate to be them on Judgment Day.

  • sunscapes

    Besides, in transfusing blood it's taken in as a tissue replacement, not "eaten" i.e. consumed as food. The WTS are fools for not harmonizing that view with the infamous flip-flop on organ transplants. That shoots it all down for me right there, even WITHOUT the erroneous interpretation of the Acts scripture.

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