As A JW Who Would You Rather Imitate---Jehovah or Jesus?

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  • minimus

    Witnesses say Jesus Christ, the Son of God, followed his Father's example perfectly. We also must imitate Christ as he did his Father. But in reality, do Jehovah's Witnesses really want to imitate their God, Jehovah??

    The God of the Old Testament was very unlike his Son. So who are God fearing Christians supposed to imitate, Jehovah or Jesus? And if they're a trinity why didn't they act in like manner??

  • minimus

    As Badboy would say, "no takers??"

  • hecouldbewrong

    Jehovah. That dude kicks ass.

  • feenx

    Oh I'll take. They talk out both sides of their mouth. How often is it surgically DRILLED into your head to follow Jesus' example? ....right? But really it's because Jehovah put Jesus in place for us to see his example, and this ALL supreme powerful being, who you're told understanding him comes with spiritual maturity because he had no beginning and that's a hard concept for us pesky lil humans to understand, has the same emotions we do, and so if humans didn't respect, fear (in a "healthy" way) and honor him then you die. You don't go to hell but you DIE. *gasp*

    Personally, and this will sadly be a very clear indication of my level of humor, lol, but I always got excited hearing about that king and his birthday celebration. Remember how anytime someone asked you why you didn't celebrate birthdays, and there was really no clear answer, e.g. from the bible. It was just the reasonsing of the higher ups as to why birthday's would be bad. So you always just said, well one of the two references in the bible to a birthday celebration is when John the Baptists head was served on a platter as a gift. I was always like NO WAY....that's cool! How awesome is this guy that he gets a gift like that?? And all the pictures always portrayed him sprawled out in lavish accomodations, relaxing, as this head is served on a I remember as a kid being FASCINATED by that.

    Clearly, I never paid attention to imitiating the son OR the father.

  • WTWizard

    Better to imitate Jesus. Or, even better still, to heed Jesus. Remember, you need to take Jesus' message in its proper context, and Paul did not do that when he wrote his accounts. Paul also influenced the writers' memory, creating distortion (remember, the accounts were written at least 40 years after the fact, not as they happened).

  • PSacramento

    I guess, if I was a JW, I woudl choose Jehovah too.

    Jesus was too nice, he was loving and forgiving, ate with everyone, like to drink, he loved everyone and got tortuted and nailed to a cross and died.

    Jehovah on the other hand, destroys cities, kills innocents, tells people to castrate the dead, he is one bad mother * shut your mouth!*

  • yknot

    Attempting to follow Jesus' example will get you DFd.

  • yknot

    Arrrggg double post!


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Jesus said, "Bring the little children to me."

  • parakeet

    That's like asking, "As a serial murderer, who would you rather imitate -- Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy?"

    This is not one of your better questions, minimus.

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