The Cult of "El", paganism in bible? Saturn=Satan?

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    Would appreciate any additional help and research into this. If any of you have researched this at all would appreciate your findings and conclusions. Do not want to stumble anyone, so just be warned this could do that if you believe at the very least the english translations of the bible are pure.

    Here is what I've found so far, and I am not researched enough so that it's credible but raises questions and warrants further investigation.

    I do not remember but a week or two ago I had read something in the bible which caused me to research "El", and one thing of interest I found was first the "seven names of God" sometimes called "the seven" = which immediately I thought of the 7 headed wild beast with blasphemous names. This I've only seen in wiki and not researched yet.

    Under "El" specifically, that "El" the name of God, and many words associated with "El" related to that as well. An ancient "cult of El". ELoihim, apostLE, discipLE, ELder, ELect.

    Last night just a random thought to do a search on Saturn Satan. Read that whole thing, at this point I am now definitely researching this stuff. Anybody can say anything and post it online, I want to see how much of these claims are credible and think this is an interesting enough topic that some of you may want to research too. Please post anything of note you find and the source.


  • EndofMysteries

    Question on the "El" part as well. Since the bible was not written in english, the greek/hebrew words when translated to "el" or end in "le" like apostle, do they have the same pattern in hebrew and greek? Or do apostle, elder, elect, disciple, etc not contain any similarity except in english?

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    If you are serious about doing Biblical research, you may do better by reading Leolaia's posts to this forum for a start. She gets her information from scholarly sources, and many times she has posted what these sources are. Otherwise, you will be no better off than those who took Russell's numerology and pyramidology as fact. Just because something published on the web or in print seems plausible, that does not make it true. The Watchtower, past and present, illustrates that fact well.

    Under "El" specifically, that "El" the name of God, and many words associated with "El" related to that as well. An ancient "cult of El". ELoihim, apostLE, discipLE, ELder, ELect.

    Languages don't work that way. Elohim is the plural form of El in Hebrew. There are no English words that are derived from El in this manner with the exception of proper names: Ezekiel, Daniel, Samuel, Eli, etc.

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    Acharya S who wrote that drivel.... *sigh* and actually believes it, she's not one I'd recommend going to for biblical history, language, time lines, well basically anything. What Acharya says is right on the same level of idiotic babble as the witnesses... maybe even lower. I've researched it before and its a complete dead end with you just viewing the Zeitgist youtube video over and over in different snippets on different websites that try to use the author's "evidence" as fact..

    I've found this website a year or two ago: Problems with Acharya S

    Its very well written and highlights the problems you'll encounter when you put up what she says to the evidence of actual history.

    There are one or two youtube videos refuting the topic as well, if you want them, i'll dig through my bookmarks and post them.

    Most of what she says comes from a slant that christianity copied borrowed stories from ancient mystical gods of that were worshipped prior to Jesus' appearance. It would be nice if they had actual evidence though. At the moment, you just have lots of assumptions, and really really bad things like what you quoted above :

    Under "El" specifically, that "El" the name of God, and many words associated with "El" related to that as well. An ancient "cult of El". ELoihim, apostLE, discipLE, ELder, ELect.

    haha, reading that almost made me laugh as hard as the time I heard Jordan Maxwell (Acharya's co-hort) say that Yahweh was an "expression of sexual release."

    I wouldnt recommend following this path of research much further.

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    Highly recommended:

    Introduction to the Old Testament 26 part college course, FREE on Itunes, from a Yale unversity professor, Christina Hayes.

    Excellent, neutral.

    From the sources she has, El was the god of the Canaanites, including the Is ra EL ites.

    The OT is likely the result of four independent sources, redacted together; these sources include the El source, Jahweh source, priestly and deuteronomic source.

    The Israelites worshpped El, among other gods. The monotheism described in the bible is likely retrojected onto a polytheistic reality.

    Examining the scriptures from the OT finds verses that make reference to other gods worshipped.


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