God is editor of the WT

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    Thanks, everyone, for the interesting discussion.

    Does anyone know if the full Moyle court transcripts (plus, indeed, the full Walsh transcript) is available online?



  • garybuss

    XQ, The instant conversions were just a genocide of rational thought. If a person does something irrational that does not benefit the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation, they call it wicked, but if the same person does some insane thing that they like, they call it the blessing of god.

    On the Amish pedophilla, God raped Mary at age 13 to impregnate her with Jesus according to Biblical myth. Is it any wonder the religions that are based on this character are terrible?

    The Witnesses practice a spiritual pedophilla by application of their family merit doctrine that requires a child to bear the religious responsibilities of an adult. More than a few of us were coerced into allowing ourselves to be baptized by the Witnesses as age 12 or 13 and then have that coerced act used as grounds by those same parents and religious teachers to shun us now.

    Now it's the unsaved policing the unsaved and the saved say quit writing to us. By the way the new multi million dollar printing facility in Wallkill is now operating, speaking of the saved class.

  • Earnest

    Hmmm...this thread does bring back memories. It was the first thread that I started on this forum (two years ago) and, imo, one of my better contributions.

    Earnest !! a question if you please? When you go to your meetings at the Kingdom Hall do they KNOW you are on this thread?????? I feel so sorry for you.... I know you are in good standing - & trying to support the WT. But surely you KNOW they WILL catch you in the end!!! or are you the one that reports to "MOTHER"

    Sorry to be so direct- But honesty is the best policy!!!!!

    Mouthy, I quite agree honesty is the best policy and I neither hide nor broadcast my participation on this forum. When the subject has arisen I have been quite open about it, and apart from suggesting it was unwise nothing further was said and neither do I expect it to be. I realise that some have an agenda to root out apostasy McCarthy-style and were I to cross paths with such Torquemadas I probably would burn at the stake, but it has not come to that yet.


  • lawrence


    That blind S.O.B. Freddie Franz should rot in hell for ever, the false prophet and Anti-Christ he was - he denied generations of Christians a relationship with Jesus Christ and was honored for being a bum and a protector of drunks and sodomites. You can hang with the "dead ones" and do your time, but remember one thing - when you're doing time, time is doing YOU!

  • XQsThaiPoes

    Amen Gary I was so pissed that after all these years of "meat in due season". It is like calling 911 and hearing a recording "don't call us. we'll call you." On some issues you are not even supposed to ask the elders about (this had to be from wt legal so in some far off land they can't be sued for undue influence).

    They are basically saying, "You know the party line, do what ever you want, as long as you keep quite about it, and if you get DFed who cares just brown nose until they let you back in. Duh, it's a revolving door people. Gee haven't you learned anything from the pedophile brothers?

  • garybuss

    XQ, With over 6 million looking to them for guidance and disfellowshippings affecting at least one family in each congregation in the world, do ya think there are a few elders calling in for directions? and a few thousand pissed off JW's calling in to seek justice? No time to be bothered by questions about religion:-)

    As a business, it's gotta be a management nightmare. If it weren't so sad, I'd have to laugh.

  • lawrence


    You're so right - "a management nightmare." It's as if one had a company and made a call to H.R. to fire a director; unfortunately the H.R. Dept. was let go yesterday. "What are we going to do? Dah!"

  • garybuss

    Lawrence, the Watch Tower Publishing Corporation is like any other business except that a rational business manager tries to make things go good with the company. The Watch Tower seems bent on sabotaging their own work with dedication and direction.

  • Farkel


    : As a business, it's gotta be a management nightmare. If it weren't so sad, I'd have to laugh.


    Sow it, reap it!


  • garybuss

    Farkel, I know! Can you imagine pissing people off on purpose so I can have a job? Only in the business called religion!

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