Familes - the WTS Biggest Problem

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  • bluesapphire

    ROOM 215, I have a question about this comment of yours:

    I used to encourage my JW kids, for example, never to go to the District Assembly where they were assigned. By so doing, they ``bought out'' one free weekend which were totally free of JW obligations with nobody around to snoop or intrude. So once a year, they could experience the euphoria of a ``worldly'' weekend.''

    Were you out of the borg when you did this? If not, how in the world did you come up with such an ingenious idea? I wish I had been as smart a parent as you!

    I remember when I first was recruited I looked around and wondered about so many divorced and remarrieds in the congregations. I then believed they all came in that way. Little did I know.

    Eventually I witnessed marriages break up. In my six short years of association, I witnessed numerous breakups due to adultery WITHIN a congregation. Two couples actually wife-swapped and married each others wives. I saw teenagers get pregnant. Two children were molested (one of them mine). Almost every sister was on Prozac or some other anti-depressant. More than a couple of prominent brothers tried to get into the sack with me even though I was married to a non-believer. One of them even suggested that we would be df'd for a year and then we could come back. And that was within the first two years!

    I always tell my husband (new hubby) that the reason I continue fighting the borg is because if no one fought it, it would continue to swindle people out of their lives. But looking at it now, I think they will dissipate with or without us. They are their own worst enemies.

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