Telling the Future by having Sex!

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  • ISP

    Well I think she could predict certain things would happen.....

    Fortune teller can predict future through sex

    A woman in Japan is claiming to be able to tell a man's fortune by having sex with him.

    The woman known only as Kaho is based in a brothel in Nagoya. She claims to be able to tell a man his future by performing sexual services.

    Japan already has a soothsayer who divines the future by breast-reading and another who give predictions based on mobile phones.

    Kaho claims to have read the fortunes of about 1,000 men in the past year by performing oral sex, reports Shukan Taishu news magazine.

    She says she has foreseen life events for many men - helping one to win a vast amount of money at a racecourse, and advised a doubting groom to marry his bride.

    Kaho says he is still a regular visitor, though.

  • Xena

    uuummm no officer he wasn't paying me for SEX...he was having his fortune told.......

  • ISP

    Sounds like you got a loop hole there xena!


  • Simon

    I guess it beats reading tea-leaves!

  • think41self


    The fortune telling excuse might work for the police officer...but you'd still be screwed in front of a judicial committee.

    "But honestly brothers, we weren't having sex!

    She was simply telling my fortune"

    "Oh dammit, I'm screwed either way, aren't I?"


    It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

  • ISP

    Simon....or having you palms read!


  • ISP

    Hey T41....that would be some Judicial! Divination...forbidden sex practice...what else can you get in there? The elders would be queing up to get on that one..


  • Abaddon

    I thought talking with your mouth full was rude...

    People living in glass paradigms shouldn't throw stones...

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Fortune Teller: "You will experience burning pain during urination."

  • freeman

    I know for a fact that there really is something to this fortune telling, premonitions, and sex stuff.

    True story: When I was in my late teens, I went out with a girl on a first date and when I went to kiss her goodnight she almost sucked my face off. She then said I “don’t believe in having sex on the first date”. I told her I agreed with that totally, people shouldn’t do that on the first date. Then like a bolt of lightning, it came to me and I predicted that very soon I would be having sex with this girl.

    Sure enough, my premonition was absolutely on the money; and we had a very, very nice time on our second date two days latter.

    Freeman (with such an impish grin ;-) and feeling a bit guilty remembering he is a married man now)

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