Suicide and other Fluff part2

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  • zerubberballz

    Hey dannybear,

    My mother and sister were a bit upset with me calling poor scitzoid, paranoid mariuana puffing peety weety a silly bugger just after he'd swallowed a car batteries worth of lithium or whatever. The fact is he was surrounded by doctors and nursing staff and that was his sense of humour. I don't think genuine suiciders appreciate being wrapped in cotton wool and it's the last thing an attention seeker needs.

    When our beloved logical was saying he'd do himself in i told the silly bugger to wait till i got there, i'd do it for him .. and look at him now! She's a laugh a minute lol.

    I thought Englishman made some excellent points about many that threaten suicide being selfish attention seeking users. Most of the people I've known who were suicidal were also not much good at thinking about anyone but themselves. Such negative people can be a real drain on your energy and drive you to and early grave.

    If ya ever need swearing at bro.bear you know who to ask, unc.

    This subject, like all things medical, doesn't interest me much but it was good to get it out.

  • zerubberballz

    Speak of the Devil, Hey Englishman,

    Haven't got my soul have ya? "Bloody Norah"? Nah cousin Nola's ok, just feels a bit down sonmetimes. Nothing like that happened to ya? Gee I'll write some of the bad things i've been through one day lol. ..


    PS: aren't all Yorkshire girls little black clouds?

  • DannyBear


    Humor is in fact one of the best tools to divert one attention bact to reality.

    The suicide's focus is solely on themselves, thier every thought is centered on thier pain. I have several stories of my own, regarding those who did it, and those who threatened, or did not succeed. But between yours and Englishman's I say suffice it enough. There is very little distinction between suicides, just time and location.

    Englishman's comments were very narrowly defined, and easily misconstrued as being quite heartless. Even though he has softened his original stand, and I think he has come to understand how stiff he was about the subject. I don't know, Englishman has shunned me for a very long time. I guess I stepped on his toes, somewhere, sometime, easy for me to do so, without even knowing, I guess.

    Although the subject is not very fun, you both have helped prepare us for any future 'cries for help'. We are now better prepaired to handle the situation. Thanks to you both.


  • teejay

    Hey, Unk,

    Could you tell us a bit more about the "real" unclebruce? Must be quite a character.

  • waiting

    howdy ub,

    To write as you have is terribly hard - and very effective. I've not been around many suicidal people - nor lost anyone close to me. For that, I'm thankful.

    But thank you for giving me a glimpse of another person. It's a rare opportunity.

    And.......I think humor is one of our strongest allies.


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