if someone is reprooved is it done in private

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  • looloo

    or is there such a thing as a private one and one that is announced to the congregation and who decides what action to take and why , i think my daughters abuser had a private one years before he abused her and yet many in the congregation did seem to know he was "dodgy" elders warned their daughters about him it seems , just didnt warn other peoples daughters !

  • asilentone

    if the sin is widely known among people, she or he would be public reproved, but if the sin is done in a private and very few people know about it, it would be private reproof

  • bubba flavel
    bubba flavel

    I was reproved in private...or so I thought, but it seemed everyone knew something was happening. Then starts all the rumours and outright lies,

    ie: one sister saw me taking drugs. I was sleeping with anything with breasts and a pulse when infact I was a virgin and to this day have never even tried drugs.

    In my opinion, the Elders who knew the details of your daughters abuser but failed to warn are as guilty as he is.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Asilentone pretty much nailed it. Just want to ad on private reproof you lose 'privledges' So if your a brother you cant handle the mic's or whatever, I would guess if your a sister you cant pioneer...Oh noes!

  • WTWizard

    The difference is a "private" reproof is not announced and a "public" one is. The "private" reproofs are still going to be obvious when a person no longer comments or is not allowed to do things they used to--and gossip (and slander) is likely to start about this time. Of course, they are much stricter when the person is actually guilty of molesting children, and they are trying to warn other parents about the problem.

  • looloo

    is it considered a privelige to count the amount of people attending a meeting every meeting because the perp did do that each meeting and that was a few years after the child abuse the elders knew about and during another childs abuse ?

  • OnTheWayOut

    Three types of reproof for "repentant" ones.

    Private reproof is as mentioned. The sin is not known and the JC counsels the repentant one, just the four of them. They are supposed to only reveal to the Body of Elders that such and such person was repentant and "put on restrictions." But every elder would already know something of the charges when they formed the Judicial Committees and would generally gossip amongst themselves about what this person did. If they wanted to warn their daughters or their sons, they would probably do it. The sad thing is that they wouldn't warn people outside their insider group.

    Public reproof is announced from the platform. Someone here could tell you the exact wordsm, but generally the cong. is made aware that Brother XXX is repentant and on restrictions.

    "Reproof before onlookers" is the one in-between. IF a handful of JW's or even "worldly" people are the only ones who know about a WT-defined sin, they bring the ones who know about it into the room with the Judicial Committee and tell them that Brother XXX is repentant and on restrictions and that they should forgive him and not tell others about any of this. Often, the elders still do as I mentioned in Private Reproof above, and the onlookers may gossip too.

  • flipper

    The term " private reproof " is kind of a sham as many elders discuss judicial committee situations with wives and even OTHER elders who were NOT on the JC . So the term " private " is basically for public or outward congregation knowledge or appearance - but in practice believe me, word gets around. Jehovah's Witnesses are one of the more gossipy organizations I've known - aside from the National Enquirer. LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • crapola

    It can be done privately and sometimes is, but it seems word always "leaks" out somehow.

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