"A little girl with a big heart"

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    This was the title of a little side article in today's

    Witchtower study. Every year they always have

    a story of a child sending the Witchtower Babel and

    Trick Sobriety their dimes and nickels. Well this

    little article had a different twist. I am going to write

    it down and see if you can see what point they are

    trying to make. Here we go:

    "Recently, on her own initiative, a nine year old girl

    in Brazil separated the money she had saved into two

    parts---18 dollars and 25 dollars. She put the smaller

    amount into the contribution box at the local Kingdom

    Hall to help cover expenses. Then she forwarded the

    larger portion to the branch office of Jehovah's Witnesses,

    along with a short letter."

    Sour Grapes

  • asilentone

    Since it has been printed in the WT!, she could sue the Watchtower for misusing her money when she grows up???

  • leec

    Doesn't the story then continue on something like ...

    "Then, her parents followed suit with the $35,000 they had saved up, dividing it likewise into parts --- $30,000 and $5,000. They forwarded the smaller amount to the branch office, and the larger amount straight to WW HQ in Brooklyn."

  • restrangled

    All the dimes and nickels saved by those of you who have them need to go to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, notice the little child giving all.


  • Farkel

    Was the little girl institutionalized for fiscal insanity?

    Just asking.


  • dissed

    Yeah, I thought they were going to share that she skipped buying some candy and sent the money to the WTS. (see the old widow who gave her 2 leptas)

    But this girl gave a ton of money, maybe more than some JW's make in a month!

    The lesson the GB wants us to learn?

    "Kids, go break open your banks, and your siblings as well, in fact, can you borrow your parents credit cards without them noticing?"

    I've never heard that much money and all of it being sent to the WTS.

  • dissed


    And what happened to giving your gifts in secret? Is somebody doing some boasting here, trying to get 'My kids can give more' contest going?

  • restrangled

    Dissed, I've got big numbers for you....

    How about $100,000.00 and an additional 20 percent when its all over.

    Don't ask me, cause I can't stand to talk about it.


  • dissed

    Restrangles - "How about $100,000.00 and an additional 20 percent when its all over.

    Don't ask me, cause I can't stand to talk about it."

    Hey, its hurts me too much to even ask. $100,000????? That's ridiculous!

  • restrangled

    Yep, dissed.....

    and thats from an Apostate's widow....go figure. Edited to add: An old girl with a big heart and bank account from a man who spent his entire life serving the JW's and left after 1975.....


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