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  • fluke

    I had a man come to my house asking me about my Vacuum Cleaner..

    I thought thats great... All I need is a Jehoovers Witness...

  • GLTirebiter

    "We love our vacuum,

    We gave at the office,

    We Found Jesus"

    (seen on a doormat at the local hardware store)

  • villabolo

    When will the world really come to an end?

    When the last person in it has converted to their religion.


  • Quillsky

    A missionary couple came across an extremely poor old man living in a hut in the jungle.

    He welcomed them into his one-room home and offered them tea. They accepted his kindness and watched as he boiled some water on a fire, used one teabag to make three cups of weak tea, and apportioned a few grains of sugar between each cup. Then he brought out a small bowl of peanuts for them to enjoy with their tea. The couple felt humbled by the generosity of this poor man.

    He listened intently as they told him the good news of the kingdom, where poverty would be done away with. He accepted the Watchtower and the Awake, and nodded eagerly when they asked if they could return.

    The following week the missionaries returned to the old man's hovel and his eyes lit up when he saw them. Once again he boiled some water on the fire, made three cups of tea using one tea bag, and brought out a small bowl of peanuts for them to nibble on while they told him how he could live forever in paradise on earth.

    The third week they returned once more to their new bible study, and watched with warm hearts as the old man boiled some water on the fire, used one tea bag to make three cups of tea, and brought out a small bowl of peanuts.

    When they'd finished the bible study, the tea and the peanuts, the sister said kindly to the old man, "We appreciate your generosity, sharing your tea with us and always giving us delicious peanuts when we visit. But we've noticed that you don't eat the peanuts yourself."

    The old man smiled his wide, toothless smile and said, "I can't eat peanuts, no teeth, all I can do is suck the chocolate off them."

  • glenster

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