To those working against the W.T from the inside,

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  • acolytes

    To those working against the W.T from the inside.

    Are you not still forced from without to conform, and from within to rebel, therefore any compromise is related within the confines of conformity. Therefore Is not your protest set by the society and its social order you have allowed be erected before you?


  • highdose

    hmmm not sure i agree with you. Speaking as a person who is out, those who remain in and bring the borg down from inside have my total respect! It must take someone very strong minded indeed, to sit there and filter out the rubbish that gets spouted and yet still act the part.

    My hats off to them!

  • Titus

    Thank you, HD.

  • acolytes

    Thanks for the reply highdose.

    A good point you made. Working from the inside must create incredible stress to leave and conform to a life that is real.

    But how can a person who has seen the "light" still conform to individual judgements. Still function in a world he knows is lies. To have to see the real world as an ilusion. How can a person with a sincere conscience simply not walk from an organisation that demands acceptence of Ideas he cannot share.


  • acolytes

    HI Titus

    Iam not judging only sincerly trying to understand.


  • TheOldHippie

    By accepting what is acceptable and be quiet about the rest, not commenting on it, not following it up in conversations, just sticking to the Biblical points that can be and that are defendable.

  • acolytes

    Ho The old hippee

    I wouldnt have belived what you said possible. But prior to my leaving I was doubting and also offerd the position of M.S. Which I declined

    . But I had the privalige to close in prayer, anyway I used to say thinks like thankyou for the personal relationship we have with you Jehover and your son. I kid you not I got Chhristian books from the library and used their interpretatins. (Never got councelled) It was my way of confirming it was all a crap.


  • wobble

    I used to do that "sticking to the biblical points ", ignoring the rest.

    But one day an elder answered up and said that all of us in that KH believed Jesus started to reign in 1914. A light bulb

    Shortly after, I could stomach no more.



    ps I doubt it is possible to have much effect at all from within the Borg, apart from the time you are ready to call it a day and you speak out.

  • Finally-Free

    If I were floating around in a toilet surrounded by lumps of shit, I would not speak out against the lumps. I would rather climb out of the toilet.


  • shamus100

    Now THAT'S an analogy.

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