not again! The end is comming!

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  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    MIL has been watching the news! The UK goverment have raised the threat level of terrorist attack! Another sign that the end is comming soon!

    As I have been a little behind on my watchtower reading, (ran out of bog paper and as it is very absorbant it does just as good a job ) I was wondering if this is a theme the GB have been pushing from the podium?

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    They've been pushing that theme for 150 years!

  • shamus100

    If it isn't some awful thing in the news, then it's peace and security then the end is REALLY near.


  • yknot

    Yep....'the end is nigh' is there primary selling schtick Assure her the end is not as nigh as she thinks......because they haven't completed construction on 'The Farm' and that is going to take over 4 years, so she can relax!

    Also maybe remind her that Tribulation occurs before Armageddon.......

  • WTWizard

    They use these reports to scare people back into the cancer. People panic when they see the terror level go up or an attack happens. They also panic when the economy gets bad.

    What they forget during these times is that peace and security is supposed to be declared first. They play that card whenever there are no terror threats and things are doing well, but they "forget" it when there is trouble in the economy or there is a high terror level.

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    the farm? new compound so GB can sell property in NYC, in the process accidently making a thumping profit? surely not!

  • yknot

    No... The Farm is Wallkill, NY where the WTS once kept an larger farm.

    It hosts a printery that was used to print books and magazines but as of Jan 1, 2010 only prints books.....specifically "Bible Teach" with all other printing needs being done in 'Free Healthcare' Canada

    They are renovating it.......Bethelites have been dispatched to congregations to rally for the privilege of free labor by younger JW men.

    BTW .....just my opinion here..... the renovations would make the property a nice small college campus or private boarding school....

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    ynot - your right it does look like a college campus. My university used to have a picture just like that for what its halls of residence looked like. Unfortunately I ended up in the bit that had the nickname "bosnia". As this was in the mid nineties I think you can guess what my halls of residence looked like!

    a rally call for free labour to renovate the place, from younger JW men? Ok right then......has this call for help been well taken up? please excuse the scoffing remarks but as I only visit the KH under duress once a year for memorial, I spend most of the time observing people, I haven't seen that many young men in the group, let alone any whom I would describe as capable of DIY!

  • Elsewhere

    I wish The End will make up its damn mind and stop "coming soon" every few months.

  • dissed

    In the 1970's, they really hyped the end was coming.

    So much so, that I had friends who took out loans on their houses thinking they would not have to pay them back. They were even praised by the GB for showing such faith.

    Then later, when it didn't happen, the GB condemned them publicly for doing such a foolish thing. Denying they ever hyped it in the first place.

    Those of us, that were there, witnessed clearly what they had done. But so many new had come in over the years, they believed the GB new spin.

    If the internet had been invented back then, they would have been nailed to the wall with such spin tactics.

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