Black and White Thinking: the ENEMY of Intelligent Thought

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  • Terry

    Something is true if it matches reality.

    A true statement cannot contradict reality.

    But, the mind can interpret anything into its opposite. All it takes is Black and White Thinking and a Belief things should be otherwise.

    If Jeffrey Dahmer's mother thought he was a good son, then, he could not possibly be the guy who is eating people.

    If O.J.Simpson was a fine, upstanding fella with a great personality, then, he couldn't possibly have brutally murdered two people with a large serrated knife. A ton of proof means nothing when belief is everything.

    Black and White thinking won't permit any facts to slip by the core belief and become refuted.

    Are YOU guilty of Black and White thinking?

    Ask yourself this question:

    WHEN was the last time you were wrong.....and CHANGED your opinion, belief or actions???

    Unless it happens quite frequently (because we are all infested with wrong ideas, beliefs, principles and ideologies) we are stuck in Black and White straitjackets denying reality over and over again.

    It takes humility to be wrong. You have to be able to acknowledge error to change. This is intellectual honesty: the willingness to allow your strongest ideas room to change.

    It is painful, gut-wrenching and humiliating to be wrong about something or somebody very important to you.

    Otherwise, what happens?

    You end up defending the error! You become intellectually dishonest. You live a lie. Your right to reality is destroyed. You inhabit an alternate universe where delusion is stronger than what is really going on.

    Know anybody like that?

    Guess what? We are ALL like that to a greater or lesser extent.

    We all----each of us---cling to false ideas. We are in love with those false ideas. We defend them. We cannot allow them to change or it will tear us apart.

    Why? Why are we like that?

    Because we've learned the habit of building our world view around our Black and White belief system instead of operating according to a refutable/probable reality.

    How do we escape?

    We have to do the following:

    1.We must make ourselves a promise to hold as true only PROVABLE things.

    2.We must understand what fact, event or demonstration of counter-proof will render our belief false.

    3. We must never, ever defend a false idea once it is identified as false.

    4.We must develop an honest practice of always listening to, reading about, and exposing ourselves to the OPPOSITE opinion of others.

    5.Find the core of what you DON'T believe and ask yourself what makes it believable to others. Ask yourself how YOUR process is any different.

    6.Constantly test your ideas...especially those which are challenged by other people. Why are you defending instead of listening? Truth is not the possession of any one person, group or system.

    7.Learn to challenge others based on foundational belief rather than process. Never try to refute something on the nitty-gritty details first. Look at the broad foundational premise. A system of belief stands or falls on its PREMISE.


    Jehovah's Witnesses are those who witness to others about Jehovah's Kingdom.

    Jehovah's Kingdom is ruled by a King: Jesus.

    Jesus is said to be ruling since 1914 from heaven and only through the Watchtower organization and directing the witnessing work.

    How do we TEST that premise?

    We ask the question: What would prove this premise false?

    1.Would Jesus be effective in directing the preaching work or would Jesus constantly provide information which proves to be wrong?

    2.Would Jesus give ridiculous or misleading information to his publicists to take door to door which embarassed him and misrepresented his father?

    3.Would Jesus rule for 96 years giving false dates for Armageddon and constantly reworking his policies for his true believers?

    OR......would all the above indicate an ERROR is at work and that it is a lie?

    Once you identify false prophecy, error in policy, faulty and changing interpretations and a worldwide preaching message failing to match predicted outcomes what happens next?

    You stop.......makes the decision to never defend such an change your position and belief to match reality.

    In other words, you abandon Black and White interpretations in favor of Reality.

    What if you are so emotionally invested in your false belief and defensive thinking it hurts too much to change?

    Then you have become Intellectually Dishonest and your Life is a Lie.

    You cannot prosper. You will become depressed and your activities will be baseless, empty pretense producing nothing.

    Nobody can LIVE a LIE and feel good about their life.

    Check your own ideas, premises, core beliefs now; each and every day; listen to the challenge to your Black and White thinking.

    Have the courage to stand up to everyday tests of reality and change.

    Is your life about SOMETHING REAL or are you an empty, meaningless charade producing nothing but delusion??

    It is a question well worth asking.

    Facts lead to productivity, progress and a legacy of prosperity for yourself and loved ones.

    A phoney life leads to misery, poverty and bitterness.

    Where do you stand??


  • acolytes

    Hi Terry

    Sadly living a phoney life and being dishonest oftern leads to money cars and cigars.


  • leavingwt

    Great post! Thank you.

  • BabaYaga

    Bravo... and very happy to see you back, Terry!


    Good post Terry..

    Nice to have you back..


  • acolytes

    Hi Terry

    You began your post with the comment "A true statement CANNOT contradict reality"

    I think sadly in many so called desirable societies the system controlled by the media wages a war for mastery over the humun spirit. Man must be made to understand for then he will accept.Who are the enemies of this system? The people who do not understand because societies function with Black and White thinking:the ENEMY of intelligent Thought.

    I think when people feal it is absurd to think differently from the collective then free discussin and thinking is eliminated., if what the doctrine proclaims is true as fact that 2x2 equals 4 to tolerate the opinion that 2x2 equals 5 would be indecent.


  • WTWizard

    I have been wrong in my beliefs before--I formed them with bad data.

    I almost certainly have bad beliefs now--formed with bad data.

    And, when I find that the data I formed these beliefs with is in fact bad, I will revise my beliefs.

    One example is the global warming. I used to believe that it was our fault, and that by cutting back on unnecessary use of fossil fuels, I could help slow global warming (and get those REJECT Jesus Parties cancelled for snow as long as possible). Then I heard that Mars was also warming, and that was the key to proving that belief wrong.

    I have also fallen for scams. The witlesses are one example. I have also probed several different MLMs (I will not mention them here), only to find one or another dead end. One example is your "downline tree"--if all the downlines are on one side, you don't make a penny. And they always grew your tree so all the downlines are in fact on one side (they have to be matched on both sides before you see even a penny). Another dead-ended when I could not get a sales tax calculator that was valid for the state where the customer was buying from. Believing that I could make significant money from these MLMs is another bad belief I had to alter.

  • acolytes

    Hi Terry

    You began your post with "A true statement CANNOT contradict reality"

    Sadly I think in many societies controlled by the media a battle is being waged over the humun spirit. Man must be made to understand for then he will accept. Who are the enemies of these societies? The people who do not understand. They fail to think in Black and White : the Enemy of those that govern.

    People who follow the system feel it is absurd to think differently from the collective.If what the doctrine proclaims is as true as the fact that 2x2 equals 4 to tolerate the opinion that 2x2 equals 5 would be indecent.


  • Terry

    People who follow the system feel it is absurd to think differently from the collective.If what the doctrine proclaims is as true as the fact that 2x2 equals 4 to tolerate the opinion that 2x2 equals 5 would be indecent.

    Well, discovering the difference between a FACT and OPINION is a great place to start.

    Place 2 of anything next to 2 more and count the result. The reality of that inventory produces the FACT of 4.

    The inability (or unwillingness) to put one's assertions in plain view for a TEST is what leads to false identifications.

    We have a world where one opinion + another opinion=somebody else's opinion of the previous 2 opinions.

    In other words: who bothers to TEST for fact content anymore?

    The danger in groups is the pressure to conform to mere AUTHORITY. If any authority is unwilling to TEST orthodoxy they become a menace.

    Jehovah's Witnesses do not tolerate a loyal opposition.

    For a good reason. They cannot allow a TEST of false premises to take place.


  • acolytes


    There was a recent post and video about the Worldwide Church Of God.It was very interesting how recently their leadership has willingly tested its teachings realised it was based on false premises and corrected it.

    I think the greatest problem is not the living a lie. Jehovers Witnesses need not accept the lie. It is enough for them to have accepted their life with it and in it. For this is the reason some witnesses will never change "The main pillar of their life is the life within the lie"


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