"Dubs" ??

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  • finallysomepride

    I remember dub's being used over 30 years ago as a short name for JWs (New Zealand)

  • nicolaou

    Life's sweeter when you're undubbed!

    And on it goes. I've just put a new site online at www.undubbed.com

    I'm aiming it squarely at the young, savvy, 'social networking' JW's still attending meetings, though of course it's open to all. I certainly don't envisage it taking on the doctrinal debates that JWN has done so well, more of soft landing for young dubs.

    I've paid for some Facebook advertising to put the site in front of a JW target audience but if any of you can get the undubbed link through to young dubs who would normally be scared off from an openly 'aggressive' apostate site I'd very much appreciate it.

    I've asked Simon for a JWN banner so that any dubs who eventually feel ready for it can head on ever here.

    All the best


  • Quillsky

    I started using it extensively about 11 or 12 years ago as a term of derision, including variants like "little dubbies" and "dubettes."

    Since I was always yakking, it sorta stuck. Make no mistake about it. I made "dubs" a popular name and NOT a proper noun.

    Farkel, congratulations on getting "dub" into ordinary usage here at JWN. Even as a young Dub many years before 12 years ago we used it in our congregation. Then it was often Jay-Dub (JW), and Dub evolved from that, since Jay doesn't have quite the same ring to it!!!! "Is it a Dub?" "Is it a Jay?" Dub won!!

  • wobble

    Dumb-Dub has a certain alliterative ring to it.



  • leec

    "And on it goes. I've just put a new site online at www.undubbed.com"

    Joined! I hope everyone here joins over there. The restrictions on this site, and lack of attention from admins, is REALLY disappointing.

    ... speaking of which, I am out of posting privs again until whenever SHEESH!

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