A "Brother" wore a WT logo tie tack today

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  • JerkhovahsWitless

    After the meeting, a few people came up to show me some fake love like the WT lesson instructed (this is my 4th meeting in a row in over a year of not going, yuck!!). I noticed one of them was wearing a tie tack of the Watchtower logo. Its OK to idolize, by wearing, the corporate symbol of a worldwide multi-billion dollar company, but a cross is wrong? I don't know how long he's been wearing it, but wow, talk about hypocrisy.

    Since the Watchtower is God's organization/God, the WT is their mediator to God, the WT is their savior and salvation and the WT is evidence of God's holy spirit, (lol, the WT sounds like the trinity) I suppose it makes sense why someone would wear the WT logo. (If that someone was in a cult)

    I wanted to bust his balls soooo bad about the tie tack, but he's genuinely a nice guy. Plus, just showing up again after not going for so long, it probably isn't the best idea to stir up trouble.

    Oh, and the paragraph in today's WT about the church member who was expelled from his congregation because of a rumor going around that he was a witch, then came to Jehovah's Witnesses and experienced their love bombing and was suckered into the cult... What doublethink!

    Going to meetings again has been an interesting experience. Once you don't believe anymore, each meeting makes it clearer and clearer what a bunch of hypocrites under mind control everyone is.

  • sspo

    You will not last very long going back and not beleiving.

    Anger will come up at every meeting in seeing friends being tricked into beleiving all the crap from "God's Organization".

  • chickpea
  • shopaholic

    tacky...absolutely tacky

    I think there is a JW clothing line too.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Shhh... don't make too much noise.

    Why shouldn't an apostate want to make some money off of JW hypocrisy and Watchtower idolatry?

    Mum's the word, bro. Same guy sells Jewish star-of-David designs, Islamic crescent moons and crucifixes, using different names.

    Business ain't bad!

  • blondie
  • JerkhovahsWitless

    @ sspo: The reason I'm going back is so the gossip spreads around and reaches the family of my friend who wants out of the cult. He's at home finishing college and under parent control. They know I'm not going and he can't really hang out with me in person. I'm going back to give the illusion that I came back to the cult so he can see me again. He'll need the help leaving since his family and life-long friendships are all in the cult.

    @ chickpea: Its too bad there isn't a big gold necklace of Russell's pyramid for sale on that site. Now that I'd wear with pride to the Kingdumb Hell!

  • lancelink

    wt jewlery, now thats funny

  • RR

    I remember in the 80s, bethelites waering Watchtower tie pins, and others wearing lapels of the watchtower and awake magazines

  • Farkel

    Geeeeesh! I thought tie tacks went out-of-style in the 1960's!

    I wonder if the tack will start screaming if you try to burn it.

    Farkel, Anti-Demon Tie Tack CLASS

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