How long is a "generation"?

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  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    The bible does distinguish generations quite well, so I doubt Jesus had any problem when he spoke of generations as being singular entities. Interestingly it does discuss overlapping generations in such places as Gen 6:9 which speaks of Noah as having " proved himself faultless among his contemporaries". The footnote states "generations" - NOT the singular "generation"

    It is highly probable that Noah was viewed this way by sons, brothers, peers, etc. which would form several generations, all ovrelapping. "This generation" at Matt 24:34 (and the other ten instances in Matthew alone) gave no indication of so called overlapping. This was proven true just three decades or so later with the destruction of Jerusalem in 70CE within the generation he spoke of - the apostlel John was one for sure who lived beyond it. If he was "evidently" wanting us to think of overlapping generations he could have used the term "contemporaries" or some other word quite easily - but he did not. he was and always will be speaking of the singular generation because we have evidence he was right.

    Expect some back-peddling in future WT issues on the subject.

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Apologies for the small font in my last post!

  • Farkel

    :How long is a "generation"?

    Don't know, but I do know "This(tm)" one won't pass away. Ever.


  • yesidid

    If there were 42 generations between Abraham and Jesus and Abraham was born about 2000 BC

    its about 47.619047619047619047618 years.

    So there you have it: A Bibical generation is:

    47.619047619047619047618 years

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Q.: How long is a "generation"?

    A.: Just a bit longer than your lifetime. Be sure to provide for the Worldwide Witnessing Work in your will.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I know that the 'big one', the generation that 'would not pass away until all these things occured' was due to end in '75. No, wait..... 1995. No wait.... before the turn of the century. No wait..... overlapped for theological expediency.

    There we go. Overlapping generations will take us to..... well, infinity. That solves the problem.


  • WTWizard

    A generation is, in fact, the length of time between one's birth and the time it takes for that one to have children. These days, it is around 25 years.

    The period in which those people will be around can in fact see other generations. However, the generation that saw 1914 would have to be alive before the end came--even if they saw people alive from the war, the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, and the Millennial Generation. Notice that, according to the rules, these later generations being alive while the original 1914 generation was still around does not count--it has to be the 1914 generation itself.

    That's according to Jesus' words as printed in the Bible (whether one believes in the Bible or not, that is the rule that is in the Bible. If you are going to use 1914 as the starting point, the generation that saw 1914 has to be alive before the end.) What we are seeing the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger doing here is blatantly cheating. It is CHEATING to allow members of these later generations who saw the 1914 generation while members were still alive to be alive when it comes. And, if they are going to cheat once, what is to stop them from cheating again by adding other generations that saw these later generations? Nothing--and, pretty soon it is going to be almost impossible for the average person to figure out what they are trying to say about "a generation".

  • cameo-d


    What is your formula for arriving at that conclusion?

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Probably a good rule of thumb would be to go back to the original source which is Jesus' words at Matt 24:34. According to the Watchtower's chronology, these words were spoken in 33 AD and were initially fulfilled in 70 AD when all those hearing those words of Christ were very much alive. They were the original source generation who would never die till they saw the fulfillment of Mat 24.

    33 AD - 70 AD makes 37 years which if rounded to a time of 40 years would give a fair summary of what a biblical generation would be.

    Indeed for several years this was official Watchtower theology. Note CT Russell's view that Christ came invisibly in 1874, and then 40 years later, or a generation later, the end would come, in 1914.

    For many years Freddy Franz maintained this view, till, after 1955, [40 years after 1914] some quick soft shoe shuffling had to be done. Ray Franz in his book "Crisis of Conscience" gives us an insight into the dilemma that faced the GB in the mid 1980s as they strove to get this albatross off their backs.

    It is obvious that the two periods that Watchtower theology has determined were involved in the fulfillment of Matt 24, the first century and our modern times, just don't gel.

    The first century was indeed one generation 33-70 AD

    Our present time has already lasted 96 years almost a century 1914-2010.

    One would need to be inhibited by a certain all-pervasive blindness to miss the fact that something has gone goofy with Watchtower explanations for Matt 24.

  • cameo-d

    WTWizard: "Notice that, according to the rules, these later generations being alive while the original 1914 generation was still around does not count--it has to be the 1914 generation itself."

    How many people are still living at 106 years old? That's how old they would have to be right now. That would make "Armageddon"...(gulp)....any minute now! ......... Maybe by March 15.

    I did find this little interesting piece from wiki answers.


    I can find nothing I can define as definitely reliable, but I did find this:

    "As of 2000, there are over 200,000 people over 100. The UN estimates that by 2013, there will be 3,000,000 centenarians."

    Right now those born in 1914 are about 95 years old. If the above information is accurate, it seems that there must be about 3,000,000 born on or before 1914.

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