will harmagedon ever come ?

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  • Erich


    [b] Are you sure that you heard the view that I’ve presented? I rather doubt that, as to my knowledge the WTS has yet to grasp this particular scenario. I would really like for you to answer this question. It would be great news to me... [b]

    Yes, it was EXACTLY the same world-scenario you mentioned in your post yesterday (see above) which I heard last years in a congo. With same time-line and consequences of acts.
    Unfortunately I forgot the occasion, I do not remember whether it was a CO or one of our elders talking about this topic. But I will go to ask.

  • toddy
    I am feeling uncomfortable with this view. The reason is, because no sort of human logic and discerning mind can explain why great tribulation will lead .

    I sense some independent thought going on here...you be careful Erich

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