Paradise has arrived. WTS wrong again.

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  • parakeet

    Here's proof that Armageddon has already arrived, "invisibly." We're living on the paradise earth, fellow apostates.

    (When you click on the site, select the "slideshow" option.)

  • dissed

    Where's the lamb?

  • SirNose586

    Awww, that's so cuuuute!

    Now here's the real test! Substitute the lion's diet with an all-vegetarian one.

    Go ahead.

    I'll wait right here.

  • parakeet

    dissed: Where's the lamb?

    Already eaten, which is why the guy hasn't yet been eaten himself. Remember, the dubs say that perfection will come gradually in the new order/earth/system.

    SirNose: Substitute the lion's diet with an all-vegetarian one....Go ahead.....I'll wait here.

    I'll wait with you. I suspect it won't be long before that human becomes lion kibble.

  • leec

    At college I once shared off-campus housing with several people including a Rosicrucian from Nigeria. His version of the "lion laying down with the lamb" story involved the fact that there was a huge forest for marijuana where they all lived together, and all the animals ate the marijuana and became lazy friends ... all lying around happily in peace.

  • LeeT

    Big cats speak volumes for Jehovah's marvellous design.

    Those sharp fangs for stripping seeds off grass.

    Those powerful muscles and sharp claws for wrestling wild flowers into submission.

    That short digestive system for getting all the goodness out of plant matter.

    Surely, the way in which form follows function so perfectly is ample proof of an intelligent designer.

  • hotchocolate

    LOL @ Sir Nose.

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