Daniel Rodriguez's The Watchtower's Coming Crisis

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  • dgp

    I'm reading "The Watchtower's Coming Crisis", by Daniel Rodriguez. Rodriguez claims the Watchtower will have a severe crisis in the years to come, as "the Generation that wouldn't pass away" does pass away. Time is the WTS worst enemy, he says. He claims that, as the 1935 generation dies, the WTS will run out of anointed ones and there will be no member of the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" left to direct the rank and file witnesses, which will mean the rank and file will go headless and won't know what to do. He also claims that actually, the only ones who are "Jehovah's witnesses" are the anointed. I would appreciate to know what you people think about this.

  • journey-on

    You haven't heard? They have changed the "Generation" teaching recently. It can now go on and on and on and on. Crisis management! They are so-o-o-o good at it.

  • yknot

    1935 was dumped in 2007!

    Clearly Jehovah's chariots blazed passed Rodriguez so fast he failed to take note!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Who is Daniel Rodriguez?

    Is he familiar with Watchtower history?

    The WTB&TS has had plenty of crises in the passt, and each time they mutate their dogma just a bit and bring in more nuerotic, scared people to replace the ones who have cured themselves. They have a core of "true believers" who lack the character to admit even to themselves that they were hoodwinked by scam artisits selling pie in the sky. Those who wake up will leave, but the hard-core Dubs will return to the field with renewed vigor seeking new dupes.

    ...and the beat goes on...

  • diamondiiz

    The funny thing will be when old geezers in Brooklyn die off and they will have to start appointing younger anointed, more anointed outside of Bethal means they will have to start importing new ones? Or will some higher ranking ones start partaking to move on up? Or will there be a new light that non anointed are now capable of leading the flock of god?

    Time will only reveal that 1914 is a fraud just as much as wts. When will the cult split into newer jws sects?? But sure thing is that time will reveal everything in it's due time.


    There is No..

    "WBT$ Coming Crisis"..

    Dream On..

    .......................... ...OUTLAW

  • villabolo

    From what you described, dgp, Daniel Rodriguez is too cerebral but not imaginative. You cannot encircle pseudo-logic of any kind with logic alone because they will keep changing the premises and the arguments.

    Run out of Anointed? They will simply claim that everyone in Brooklyn (or wherever the Hades they relocate to) is of the Anointed class. So what that they said something else previously? The JWs are a high turnover religion which is discouraged from even having its old literature kept, collected or investigated and because of its high turnover (average 8 years) do not even have an individual memory of its constantly mutating doctrines.

    After hearing several people predict the end of this degenerate religion I can only say that it can outlive, along with other apocalyptic religions the collapse of civilization.


  • dgp

    This book was published in May 2009 (http://www.amazon.com/The-Watchtowers-Coming-Crisis-ebook/dp/B002CGT06A/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&s=digital-text&qid=1264218380&sr=8-9). I know about the change in the idea of the generation, and I myself posted on that thread. I wanted to see, anyways, whether this man was onto something.

    From a certain perspective, the sad thing is that this kind of information is misleading. A person who is not very much aware of what goes on in the WTS might take this book to be sound advice.

  • besty
    The funny thing will be when old geezers in Brooklyn die off

    Bases are covered.

    Name, Year Born, GB entry, Age, Years on GB

    Theodore Jaracz 1925197484 35
    John E. Barr 1913 1977 96 32
    Gerrit Lösch 1941 1994 68 15
    Samuel F. Herd 1935 1999 74 10
    M. Stephen Lett 1949 1999 60 10
    Guy H. Pierce 1934 1999 75 10
    David H. Splane 1944 1999 65 10
    Geoffrey Jackson 1955 2005 54 4
    Anthony Morris 1950 2005 59 4
  • frankiespeakin

    The generation thing is a very real problem and can eventually become a crisis the farther one gets from the 1914 date.

    It seems that the WT strategy is to continue to dumb down the flock as much as possible and flood them with rhetoric about the need to always listen obediently to the F&DS, They also terrorize the JWs with disfellowshipping as a consequence for independent thinking. This is a very powerful tool for keeping decent down and insure uniformity of thought among the member. As member are afraid to express any ideas contrary to official teachings it keeps contagion with other ideas to a minimum. So I expect there will be no let up in the heavy handedness to insure that a mass exodus does not occur.

    Will this method be able to keep membership loss from reaching crisis proportion? Perhaps, but I personally feel it won't. I suspect the lay offs at different bethels around the world are a very real indication that things are coming to a head and will eventually reach crisis proportions. I feel those that think the WT will keep on going the same as it did in the past times of crisis over failed dates and doctrine changes fail to see the real powerful effect of the Internet, and now the more prevalent videos on YouTube both about science and the anti JW ones that is now added to the mix that wasn't there before when the WT was faced with similar crisis of doctrine change to cover up failed predictions..

    This is something very new into the mix which I feel will cut down new membership considerably and cause many to gradually stop supporting the WT. I'm very optimistic about the WT's loss finances and members, they are too old and out of date to meet what awaits them in the very near future.

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