BLOOD and the Noahide Laws

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  • Terry

    Formula at work:

    1. Find depressed, confused, anxious people with a supernatural belief system.

    2. Use their superstitious beliefs to "educate" them into questioning their values.

    3. Destroy confidence in the source of their values and replace them with a new source.

    4. Promise them vast rewards for certain behavior.

    5. Control the behavior by carrot and stick. Keep them busy.

    6. Interpret everything that happens as a strong indicator that rewards are near.

    7.Instill a contempt for other opinions and enforce strong punishements for doubt.

    8.Use further evidence of depression, anxiety and confusion to demonstrate how vulnerable they are to losing their promised reward.

    9.When expected promises do NOT occur--blame their confusion and remind them how contemptible other competing ideas really are.

    10. Increase workload to the point of exhaustion and demand complete reliance on authority to get them through their doubt and weakness.

    The BLOOD POLICY is a way of giving weak and helpless people a platform to demostrate WORTHINESS while reminding them how otherwise UNWORTHY they are.

    Persons starved for reward will do anything to achieve a status as REWARD-WORTHY; even allowing their loved ones to die!


  • TD

    The JW parent organization has produced professional quality DVD's with experts in the field of bloodless medicine like Aryeh Shander, Mark Boyd, Dick Spence, etc. sound-bited into giving the impression that transfusion is never medically necessary under any circumstance whatsoever.

    In the face of that slick a campaign of misinformation, where would a level of disagreement necessary for a real schism come from? Why would a group who collectively believe that transfusion has killed far more people than it has saved and that their chances of survival are actually better without it even feel any disagreement at all?

  • Terry

    Sort of like the principle in law "reasonable doubt".

    All it takes to nullify the mountain of evidence on one side is to create a modicum of "reasonable doubt" in the mind of the jury.

    This is where the Watchtower displays pure genius.

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