Ex-JWs on Youtube band together when Silent Lambs is attacked by JW...

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  • Tuesday

    Hey folks, I thought I'd come on here with a quick update of something really cool on youtube. There was a woman named Smagisa who is an active JW that goes on youtube and basically does all the stereotypical things responding to videos. Everyone talking bad about the organization is speaking bad against God and only doing so because they're disfellowshipped or whatever. One Youtube user Smokey made a video response to her which then got the ball rolling and nearly all the active ex-JW youtube channels made a video response to Smagisa's initial video. I thought I'd post them here so everyone could see that Ex-JWs on youtube, I think it's encouraging to see ex-JWs band together on anything...









  • truthseekeriam

    Thank you so much for sharing this. My child is a victim of molestation within the Org and these video's brought me to tears. It felt so good to hear those standing up for us!

    My husband and I just felt such peace listening to those video's knowing that we are not alone in what we have been through and how we see things. It's just so awesome to know, unlike years before where victims had to remain silent and suffer in silence we now have so much support and so many people who know what we feel and what we are going through.

    It's just so comforting :)

    Thanks again

  • WTWizard

    That first video is a lie. You are supposed to go to the hounders and the police? What happens then? You go to the hounders, and if they don't have two witnesses to the offense, "it did not happen". You will then be disfellowshipped for "slander" if you press the matter any farther, go to the police, or warn others so they can avoid the problem. It's your fault if you don't go to the hounders if you do not have another witness?

  • cantleave

    Thanks Tim. These videos responses are superb.

  • Tuesday
    That first video is a lie.

    I realized I didn't put in the initial post that I was putting the video everyone was responding to on there first. So that first video is Smagisa's initial video that everyone is responding to there. So yes the first video is clearly a lie. Hey, jump on the bandwagon though and make a video response. I think BananaGraveyard's video is the most powerful.

  • carla

    How is it possible that she does not get df'd for posting such a video in the first place? Aren't jw's supposed to leave these things up to the org itself and their PR dept?

  • teel

    I'm starting to think she may have some sort of brain damage, other than the regular cult-related one. Even a JW can't be that stupid to say the victims are to blame. And when a huge number of responses called her out on this stupid comment, what does she do?

    Her response:



    Edit: at least it seems like she is accusing SmokingNtheGraveyard over the video posted here too (the second one below Smagisa's). It's not easy to make out what is her problem, partly due to her technical difficulties.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    You've heard of the Crazy Cat Lady I think what we have here is Crazy Jehovah Lady. If you watch some of her other videos she seems delusional. She reminds me of some of the odd ball middle aged single "sisters" I remember from some of the Kingdom Halls I attended. I'm guessing that she is kind of an outcast in her hall and probably partakes believing she is one of the anointed.

    I enjoyed watching the responses to rant but I'm not sure she is with it enough to understand the points those responding to her comments were making.

  • Tuesday

    Yup Smagisa's crazy, I more so posted this so everyone could see the excellent responses by youtube users to the Silent Lambs. I find it really encouraging when ex-Jehovah's Witnesses band together on things.

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