Why Is The Governing Body Worshipped In The Watchtower All The Time?

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  • frankiespeakin

    Short answer:

    WT writers are all taking turns kissing the Governing Body's ass.

    Long answer:

    Think about it? If your'e a writer at Bethel and you see brother Kiss Ass write this article about such and such and he always manages to throw in a few kiss ass lines about the FD&S. And you know brother Kiss Ass's writing is mediocre but he manages to keep his some what prestigious job at Bethel because he has more or less mastered the art of "how to win friends and influence people" through ass kissing. This in turn puts a lot of pressure on the rest of the writers to do the same, or better for job security.

    Even if that is not wholly true and for sure this is an assumption. So lets look at another possible scenario:

    Dunlap & R. Franz were both writers for the WT corporation, they started to have "independent thinking" they accidentally let a few words slip out in their conversation to some people and word got back to some of the GB(I forget the exact details but close enough). Soon the witch hunt begins with certain members of the GB working to get these guys the hell out organization, and to make a long story short they both get the boot along with some others. Everyone in the writing department gets word of it, either through the GB or from others in the Borg that are their friends.

    So what type of effect is this having on the writers? I'm sure the position is a coveted one, and no writer wants to loose his place in WT land. So each one is sure to make known in whatever way he can to the Governing Body that he is not in any way like Dunlap&Franz. For job security and to prove their loyalty to the Organization they find a ways to prove their loyalty and trust by including in their writing some form the need to keep trusting in the F&DS or some form of praise to the GB in almost any article they write if the subject lends itself as a handy place to do so.

    I'm even thinking that the GB itself has even toned down some praise stuff that goes into the WT and other publications because it sounded to cult like even for their hard of hearing wax filled ears. They probably don't even have to remind any writer to put in a few good words for the F&DS.I think every writer for the WT is scared shit-less and so in order to keep their ratty writing job will take every opportunity to kiss the ass of the GB when ever they can when writing for the WT lest they loose their shitty jobs.

    With all the recent lay-offs at Bethel they feel even more pressure to kiss the GB's ass. And so I say expect even more F&DS(GB)worship in the WT with no let up in sight for the future.

  • Balsam

    Anyone questioning the party line is not going to have that prized position that is for sure. Basically you lick the boots of the GB and are yes men or they will find themselves out of their prized job. It didn't take much to get Ray Franz out, once they latched onto him and anyone who had ideas of more freedom.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    This was very noticeable when I left 15 yrs ago. It seemed like all of a sudden prayers, articles and general talk & comments were all filled with this praise about the BG and F&DS. To me it was sickening. I thought Jesus needed to be mentioned more. It seemed people were more concerned with being a theocratic clone pulled out of Brooklyn's ass.

  • villabolo

    I noticed the same thing as TAI and others 30 years ago although I've noticed an increase in frequency.


  • Farkel

    Does anyone remember the GB's visit to Cuba? The local dubs fawned all over them and asked for autographs and the GB members gave them. I don't have that information at hand, but I remember it happening say, 10 years ago or so.

    GB guys giving autographs? Like they were royalty or something? It turned out to be very embarrassing for them.


  • freydo

    It works the same up and down the whole food chain.

    Laity praises ms's, pio's and all praise elders. Then the co's, do's get fawned over and bowed to.

    And on and on right up the line.

    No different than the cathaholic church. Just no uniforms. Only accouterments - size of book bags.

  • hamilcarr

    Because they dropped sola scriptura in favor of sola ekklesia. According to WT theology one can only be saved if following the GB no matter what the Bible says.

  • WTWizard

    The Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger is worshiped because, if people instead went by what the Bible itself said or thought for themselves, they would not obey the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger's directive to bring in more people. They would instead do their own thing, and no Washtowel would be able to control them. Also, the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholdery would go belly up.

    The solution: To program the witlesses to worship the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger as an extension of God.

  • yknot

    Isn't it really just a natural progression in any hierarchy?

    Granted the point of the GB was to replace and hopefully wain the singularity under Presidential authority.

    But that was short-lived, Franz demanded his 'honor', then as the others got older, they too wanted that self-entitled treatment too.

    Now it is just about maintain control and finances....in the slow decent of a belief system becoming more irrelevent as time marches onward.

    Blind leading the blind......

  • MissingLink

    Standard cult procedure: Have a leader (or group) who can do no wrong. They are the one path to "god", and therefore have absolute authority.

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