When did Disfellowshipping start?

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  • God_Delusion

    Hello Guy's & Gal's,

    Do we know what year disfellowshipping started? Also, for a bonus point, do we know who the first person to get disfellowshipped was?


  • sd-7

    I'm going to gamble and say 1953. I was reading an article that seemed to be such a lovely introduction, telling DF'd individuals to "get out" and "die along with Satan's organization".

    Now as for the first person to get it, well...while I imagine they would love to go back in time and DF Ray Franz first, if they could, I really have no idea. Only those on that person's committee would know that--well, them and half the rest of the congregation. And then the other half after the announcement.


  • blondie
    It was not until 1952 that the Watchtower introduced disfellowshipping as now practiced and the following review of the scriptural principles involved shows that there is no Biblical justification for the extent to which the Watchtower practices this unchristian form of manipulation. Though there is Scriptural precedence to limit association with brothers practicing wrongdoing, the Watchtower application of disfellowshipping seriously deviates from Bible guidelines in a number of ways; http://www.jwfacts.com/watchtower/disfellowship-shunning.php
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Rutherford died in 1942, so this one is pure Knorr/Franz.

  • God_Delusion

    Cheers guys.

    I've setup a blog, www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com. May I use some of your comments in an article about disfellowshipping?


  • Lillith26

    Jehovah was the first to disfellowship anyone. Adam was the first man booted out and had restrictions placed on him- if Adam wished to 're-join', he had to jump through hoops and crawl through crap and even then his chances of reinstatement did not look good.......seriously? no, not really....


  • GromitSK

    Wasn't Satan disfellowshipped before Adam? lol. Having said that as J was still talking to him in Job maybe he wasn't. If Satan wasn't disfellowshipped why not? I mean how bad do you have to be? LOL

  • God_Delusion

    No. As far as I know, Satan was privately reproved after possessing the snake (poor python, had to crawl on its tum tum from that point on). He got disfellowshipped in 1914.

    Talk about Jehovah being an evil so-and-so. He sent the most powerful apostate in our midst and made his son the invisible king of the Earth all in one fell swoop during 1914! Why didn't he send him and his minions to Mars?

    I know I'm hijacking my own thread, but I never thought of it like that.

    God, don't those atheists talk sense........

    Regulus Arcturus Black

  • GromitSK


  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I don't really mind the disfellowshipping doctrine even though it did take till 1952 for the WTS to decide the true religion needed to follow this. What I think is wrong is when shunning of family members is encouraged for the rest of their lives. You can have disfellowshipping over unrepentent bibical grounds, but the other petty stuff is BS. Other people can chose to avoid fellowsjip with that person, but you should still be able to be civil and Christian. Family members should still be able to have a normal "family relationship".

    I remember the wife of a previous study had got herself DF'd. She was coming back to the meetings and was at the CO visit. After the meeting I had ask her something about her young son and how he was doing. Later, I find out the CO thought I shouldn't be speaking to DF people. I ended up chewing the CO's ass out! I didn't last too much longer after that.

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