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  • tinker

    Can someone please link me to the Generantion Chart I'ver heard so much about. I did a search but didn't come up with it. Had a conversation with a pioneer who is still quoting Millions Now Living Will Never Die. Obviously does not have the inside track on the very religion she teaches. I briefed her with the latest grasp on 1914 but a chart, wow, a chart would be way cool.

    My mother is devote JW and because she is 90yrs and in the beginning of dementia I find no reason to cause more distress by coming out as XJW. She lives far away so I travel to visit and manage care so I have to interact with JW's who assume I am still 'in'. 9 days in the gut of the cult was oppressive yet fun to see how far I could take the sarcasm without them catching on. 'oh yes after the mass genocide all the brothers can have beards and goatee's, cool'

  • Black Sheep
  • tinker

    Thank you Black Sheep. For some reason the chart is off center. I'd like to print it so where can I find it or can you give me the link?

  • ldrnomo

    It's amazing that the bORG can spew this stuff out of their mouths and the rank and file eat it without gagging.


  • Fatfreek

    That chart is now conveniently accessed over at Freeminds. With this Link , you will see the chart appear slowly. For better viewing, copying, and perhaps printing -- look for the link immediately above that chart, "See full-size version HERE"


  • WTWizard

    How long before the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger has to change "a generation" again. This time, it will not be because of the hockey stick in the REJECT Jesus Partakers (that was what did it for "the remnant of the anointed" definition). It will instead be because of too many householders writing in and explaining that "a generation" cannot be two different generations strung together like Christmas lights or because people are realizing they have more than 140 years to dawdle in doing field circus.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    To download an image, right click on it, then select Save Image As...



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