Jenny Jackson's funeral memorial for anyone that may have known her

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  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    This was sent to me by email from my witness in-laws . I didn't know the woman ,but thought I would post for any of you that may have known her. Her husband is governing board member ,Geoff Jackson .

  • asilentone

    We do not see the link.

  • jwfacts

    Our family were very close to Jenny and her family. She was one of the sweetest women I ever met. Her father studied with my parents before they were baptised and then studied with me as a teenager.

    It was a difficult situation for Jenny when Geoff became Anointed as she believed to be of the other sheep and was heart broken that she would not live with Geoff in the New System.

    It is sad that she passed away so early, and is survived by her parents, brothers and a sister.

  • alex2
  • His Excellency
    His Excellency

    How is Geoff Jackson's new wife, any info on her?

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