German media (Der Spiegel) "The World Bids Farewell to Obama"

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  • bluesapphire

    PS, how does one edit their post?

  • JWoods

    Hit the little yellow pencil Icon at the very far upper right corner of the post.

  • parakeet

    The one thing Obama will be successful at -- setting the Democratic party back by at least a decade.

  • worldtraveller

    Obamas biggest mistake here was attempting to bail out big banks and car companies . The fact that CEO's are still pocketing billions is proof of that. He should have let the economy collapse completely and rebuild like 1929. No big deal that the real estate market would correct. That is real free enterprise. Just leave it alone. Creating a debt load like the USA has now, could be unpayable in the near future. So a few million people go bankrupt. Let the economy fix itself. However here is the problem with all this. Jobs. America, you need to eliminate the minimum wage. How else can you compete with China? Can't do that?, it's a world market with people prepared to work for a buck a day. Work for whatever you can find. Sound harsh? Tough. You think you have it bad? Look at Haiti. Total collapse. No food, no infrastructure, no doctors.

    That's free enterprise. Everyone look out for themselves.

    As you can see in my profile that I am not from the USA. Here is Canada we take care of ourselves a wee bit better. Socialized health care is not considered evil. Regulating banks is not a commie plot, and our country is not in grave financial peril. At least so far. Problem here is that our fearless leader thinks we must remain in Afghanastan. They also want to raise taxes, while raising their salaries (happens all the time). We are now in a big debt load too. Way too much money wasted. Our saving grace is near zero interest rates. Affordable health care helps too.

    Your newly elected politician will be told to vote against health care choices. He will be remembered for this. But I always thought that free enterprise supported choices. Well as long as so many people make big bucks in the health care industry, with less competition, your country will NEVER have affordable health care. And that's truly sad for those who cannot afford it right now.

    Although one of the posters above said that Bush caused the earthquake, which is silly, everyone knows that Satan caused the earthquake, according to Pat Robertson. Same brainless insensitive comments that will keep the USA bankrupt (except for the lucky few) long after Obama is just a footnote in Wikipedia.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Obama will make Carter look like a genius!

  • minimus

    Still....I doubt that.

  • WTWizard

    True, it is just one Senate seat. However, that is one less DUMP-o-CRAP to force health sickness insurance on the public. Hopefully, it will be just enough to kill the health sickness insurance bill, and prevent me from having to pay a huge tax on health sickness insurance already provided by my employer or pay a big fine if I do not have health sickness insurance for whatever reason.

    Also, I hope this means the end of the DUMP-o-CRAPs having the majority come November 2010. I believe Osama Obama has to go--he might resort to seizing control of the whole country, creating an "emergency" and canceling the 2012 election just to stay in power. And, I still believe he is capable of forcing Codex Alimentarius on us, without anyone even knowing what is going on, and using the Copenhagen treaty to impose a fake energy crisis on us and send all our money (which we don't even have) to Africa. As for the deficit, I will post some of the numbers you are soon going to see a lot of:

    Quadrillion=1,000 trillion.

    Quintillion=1,000 quadrillion.

    Sextillion=1,000 quintillion.

    Septillion=1,000 sextillion.

    Octillion=1,000 septillion.

    Nonillion=1,000 octillion.

    Decillion=1,000 nonillion.

    Undecillion=1,000 decillion.

    Dodecillion=1,000 undecillion.

    Tredecillion=1,000 docecillion.

    Quatrodecillion=1,000 tredecillion.

    Quindecillion=1,000 quatrodecillion.

    Sexdecillion=1,000 quindecillion (yes, that is the correct term--and could soon be our national deficit.)

    Septemdecillion=1,000 sexdecillion.

    Octadecillion=1,000 septemdecillion.

    Nonadecillion=1,000 octadecillion.

    Vigintillion=1,000 nonadecillion.

    Don't worry if the term spelling is not correct--the way Osama Obama is creating these crises, I am sure the words will soon become mainstream enough to correct the terms. And, we will soon (by 2012) be finding the terms between vigintillion and centillion (which is around 10^303). You will be paying prices that require mainstreaming these terms every time you want a loaf of bread or even a candy bar that used to be 5 cents.

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