Heaven & Hell

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  • designs

    Sometimes just a wee bit of study into Jewish literature and their use of metaphors, symbolisms, allegory, similes, hyperbole etc. could help the Literalists a great deal.

    Holy flying scorpions guys!

    I think the point of greater interest is why a young adult would take to a Literalistic, Fundamentalist point of view in the first place with all of the literature and theological works (especially by the Jewish people whose books we are talking of) offer the more realistic and historically based solutions and answers.

  • cofty
    If we conclude there is a Creator who made this immense and beautiful universe, surely He knows what He is doing.

    Hmm there's the problem right there!

    You have tried to establish eternal conscious torment with debatable proof-texts.

    How about the moral aspect of your position. How do you defend eternal punishment for temporal sin?

  • Chalam

    I don't need to, I did not institute the justice or how it will be met.

    I am sure you can ask the Creator when you meet Him. I pray that is before judgement day.



  • Raphael

    It is arguably both immoral and perverse to believe in a God that torments persons in a literal "hell" ,

    These videos from a non JW source powerfully expose the false doctrine of eternal torment , and the intellectual dishonesty of some biblcal scolars who teach it ...


  • PSacramento

    My wife asked me if I believe in hell.

    I said I didn't.

    She asked me why, because the bible does make it clear that some sort of torment is possible for those who turn their back on God.

    I said that God doesn't need Hell to torment us, we do a fine job of it already.


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