What are witnesses taught to say if a householder was to preach to them in the ministry?

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    In my experience, we were taught to respond with something like: "We didn't come to your door looking for answers or for the truth!"

    Given the magnitude of flaws one finds when researching the doctrines and the WTS own admission of not preaching the original good news, how totally presumptuous and disrespectful it is to invade the privacy of anothers home to try and tell them how wrong their beliefs are and then to arrogantly respond in this way when challenged

  • OnTheWayOut

    When householders offer the good news to JW's, it is almost a direct jolt to their cult programming.

    JW's generally say that they have already searched and are satisfied that they have the truth, so there is no need for them to look at other literature or attend other services or research such things. They refuse to do exactly as they are encouraging others to do with JW literature, meetings, doctrines.

  • Gregor

    In my experience, they have been trained to retreat ASAP no matter how tactfully you try to reason with them. Smart

  • yknot

    I was taught to nod, smile, try to find a point we could agree ASAP and either politely end the discussion with a "thank you for you time and this lovely discussion, perhaps I could leave an Awake with you as I see you already appreciate how God is (insert whatever wrap up I can glean from the encounter) and next time we have a chance to meet you could share you thoughts with me....or I would compliment them and say that they had many fine points, asking next if they would welcome a chance to talk to one of our more 'spiritually mature' members at another time......

    The goal with every householder experience was to at least leave an impression that we were 'nice' people.....because it acted like a seed.

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    I have heard different ones tell householders that if they want to preach to me, go house to house until you find me, then I will listen to what you have to say.

  • WTWizard

    I wonder what would have happened if the witlesses followed their own directive when they had their doors knocked on. They would never be open to anything outside their own religion, and never would have become witlesses.

    I have heard this from the platform too many times. If a householder agrees to read the witlesses' littera-trash under the condition that the witlesses have to read a tract from another church, the witlesses are not allowed to agree to it. Yet, the witlesses expect others (who are also affected by their own religions) to read witless littera-trash.

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