To those who were ‘born in’

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  • restrangled

    No, Never even considered it. The biggest thing we ever did was had overnights on the last day of the year and listened to the best 100 songs of the year.

    That was before and during the 1975 fiasco....sorry to best friend from that time is long dead....She commited suicide.

  • poopsiecakes

    I used to resent the fact that I was born in the 'time of the end'. I'd justify it in my head that I was lucky - like you mentioned, jwfacts, but I still thought it sucked. Of course, now I KNOW just how much it sucked since it's not even true!!!!

    So sorry you lost your friend that way, restrangled. Such a painful way to lose someone.

    I hear you, doublelife - university was never something that I wanted or felt I needed and now, many years later, I suffer from the affliction of not knowing what my passion is. I have many things that I love doing and I know that I want to make a living doing something I love but all of those years of being conditioned to do what I had to do has made it really hard to figure out how to make that happen. It bugs me that those years we should be spending learning who you are were spent learning what the GB wants you to think...

    leec, really good take on the history of door knocking and why it's no longer appropriate

  • poopsiecakes

    misery, I can't tell you how many times I've cringed at the door - I actually was out one morning with a 'brother' who put his foot in the door when the homeowner was closing it. I was soooo embarrassed and pissed off.

  • dinah

    Ahhh, yes. We were so blessed to be those little kids who never had to grow up in this old system. I'm 40. F them.

  • zoiks

    My sentiments have been similar to those of JWfacts since I was a teenager. Then I played the 'what if' game by myself a little over a year ago...

  • xmkx

    I'm one of those that played that game but never spoke about it to anyone else. It always seemed to me that I would have been much better off not being born in to it and then getting brought in later on in life just because then I would have (in my mind) "known for SURE it was the truth." It never seemed good enough to just trust that my family knew the truth and passed it on to me so I would never have the "burden" of figuring it out for myself.

  • EmptyInside

    Actually, I thought a lot about that question with friends and family. When I was younger, I was pretty zealous. But, I always thought I would have pursued a career rather than pioneering right out of school. And I wondered what other religion I would have been, if any. There was always someone in the group who would have been a prostitute if it hadn't been for the "truth". I guess they figured it had to be one extreme or another. But, I still wonder if I would have at least took an interest and researched the Witnesses, or just gave the standard, not interested.

  • Mattieu

    Hi Poopsiecakes, I’m a born in who grew up wondering the same things. Though now I have left, I look back with a lot of “what if” moments.....................


  • poopsiecakes

    In a way, I think it's kind of reassuring that a lot of us imagined life on the outside. For me, I think it means that despite the mind control and cult aspects, even back then my true self showed signs of breaking through - maybe I'm looking for hope that my former friends still on the inside will one day break away and start thinking for themselves more often.

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