what do you look like when you dance?

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  • Finally-Free

    I hate dancing. Always did. When I was young it was a means to an end. Once I was married I did it to reduce the nagging. Now that I'm single again I'm happy to report that I haven't danced in over 6 years.


  • Locutus of Borg
  • dissed


    Was that before or after you were a CIA hitman?

  • crapola

    My first thought was that I look like an idiot.

  • MsDucky

    I *use* to dance like the girl with the afro.


  • Snoozy

    I used to watch Ellen just so I could watch her dance. I always wanted to dance like her but never could master the moves even tho they were in my soul.

    Since she had so much back trouble she went easier on her dancing and I quit watching her show..lol

    Flipper, you love to take pictures, I am sure you could make a video of you really dancing like that for us..

    And MsMcD, I have NO doubt you are still a hottie when dancing.

    And I used to LOVE Gene Gene...the dancing machine..


  • Locutus of Borg
    Locutus of Borg

    I always loved to dance. When I left the Kult the first time . . 1980s I was early thirties, I would go to the clubs in NH and Massachusettes. If the band was good I would lose 5-7 lbs in the evening just from dancing EVERY song!! WooHoo!. Never had any problems meeting the girls because I loved to dance and was a good dancer. Met Alot of asshole boyfriends too (that didn't like to dance).

    Dancing was a real joy for me, and helped alot with my self-esteem after getting away from the Kult back in the 80s.

    I was Jean-Jean the Dancing Machine!!! HaHaHa!!

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